What is a Landing Page and Why They're So Important

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



As we gear up for this Friday's first Landing Page what is a landing pagewebinar, I want to briefly discuss with you the concept of a landing page.  First thing's first, a landing page is not a home page, product page, or a blog article. A landing page is a website page that contains a web form.

The goal of a landing page is for people to complete the page's form. The more form completions your landing pages receive, the more leads and potential money your business will make.  It’s so simple, yet a lot of businesses don’t use or properly use landing pages.

Ask Marcus Sheridan, owner of River Pools and Spas and blogger extraordinary. People would be finding and reading his articles, but he wouldn’t be able to understand if those people are interesting in doing business with him. Landing pages allow you to collect relevant information from people interested in your content.

So, you’re convinced you need to use landing pages. But, how do people find your landing pages

Your homepage, product pages and blog articles are all offer pages. Offer pages should include one or more calls to action that will make your landing page content stand out.  The more consistent the call to action is with your landing page, the greater the chance people will complete your landing page form. 

During the upcoming webinar series we’ll be discussing landing page and call to action best practices, and I'll be sharing with you a simple, eight step guide to creating landing page offers. 

We’ll also discuss thank you pages, the page that follows the landing page, and how you can test your calls to action and landing pages.

Takeaway: Make sure you create blog articles and landing pages, so you can turn your visitors into customers.

How many landing pages have you created?





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