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Kyle Jepson
Kyle Jepson



Most companies define success as making more money this quarter than last quarter and more money this year than last year. Many of these companies have no idea that they are actually operating well below their potential. If they would align their entire organization around a single, specific goal and implement a repeatable process to reach that goal, these companies would discover just how much revenue they’ve been missing out on.


I've spent the past several months interviewing the leaders of 25 successful businesses and sifting through their stories to find patterns. What began as a project to learn more about how sales and marketing teams interact has blossomed into a study into the way successful businesses grow. 

I've learned a lot about the problems that plague marketing, sales, and customer success teams. More importantly, I've heard stories of how real businesses have overcome those problems. Best of all, I've been able to boil all this content down to a few actionable items that will help your company improve their sales funnel and increase their revenue. I'm now convinced that even companies that think they're doing well can improve their growth by putting certain strategies into place.

At the same time, I've been researching best practices that will help you implement these strategies using HubSpot tools. I've discovered the best way to put HubSpot CRM at the heart of your sales and marketing efforts, so you can unlock the full potential of both teams. 

What will you learn in the HubSpot Training Day session?

This session will be divided into four sections:

  • "Laying the Groundwork for Revenue Growth," which covers how to align your marketing and sales teams around a single set of revenue goals.
  • "Ensuring MQLs Get Contacted," which covers how to use HubSpot CRM to make sure sales follows up with the leads marketing generates.
  • "Defining Your Sales Process," which covers how to streamline your sales process and make it an integral part of your CRM setup.
  • "Closing the Loop," which covers how to use HubSpot CRM to enable sales to give feedback to marketing that will help them improve the content they're producing. 

As you can see, this session addresses both sales and marketing. For best results, bring a colleague from outside your department. If you’re in marketing, grab a sales rep. If you’re in sales, grab a marketer. If you’re in upper management, grab an individual contributor. The more perspectives you can bring into the conversation, the more complete your plan will be at the end of the session.

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