Drive More Sales Meetings With Your Existing Content

Jeffrey Vocell
Jeffrey Vocell



Every month, marketers all over the world work to deliver enough leads to their sales team to sustain (and hopefully grow) the business.


As a marketer, if you have a smarketing service level agreement in place, you're likely delivering a specific number of marketing qualified leads to sales. And these leads are hopefully turning into customers. For our friends in sales, however, the meetings they have with prospects are what matter most.

Let's walk through how to book more sales meetings with your existing content using the HubSpot Growth Stack.

Setting the Stage

Before you focus on booking your meetings, it's important to ensure you’re reaching key marketing milestones. Ask yourself:

  1. Is the marketing team generating enough monthly leads for sales today?
  2. What's the quality of the leads being generated and delivered to sales?
  3. What's the close rate for the leads that sales receives?

As a bonus, it can be helpful to know how long (on average) it takes for a lead to turn into a customer.

This should give you a good pulse on the health of your business' marketing efforts. If you're not generating enough high-quality leads, it's worth looking into creating additional content or optimizing your existing content for more traffic.

How to Book More Sales Meetings With Your Existing Content

Note: This process uses HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales Pro.

First, let’s review your top-performing content offers.

Head to the landing pages tool, and take a look at the submissions and customers being created from your pages.


HubSpot Marketing Enterprise customers can also use attribution reports to drill in deeper and see how specific pages are being attributed to the conversion process.

Now that you can see a list of your top-performing content offers, let's take a few of them and give visitors the option to directly book meetings with you.

We recommend starting with just a few pages, testing and optimizing, and increasing the number as you see success. Depending on the size and structure of your sales team, the increase in meetings booked may become overwhelming.

Integrate the HubSpot meetings tool into your pages.

First, you’ll want to make sure your sales team is set up with the meetings tool and that their calendars have been synced to HubSpot Sales. Then, go to the meetings page in your HubSpot Sales account.


Create a team meeting link.

This will allow multiple people to be invited to and booked for meetings. If you’d prefer to test this with just one person, you can choose to create a personal meeting link instead.

There are two types of team meetings links: group meetings links and round robin meetings links. In this case, select round robin. The round robin meetings link will show you the combined availability for any sales team members you select. Prospects choose a time that works best for them, and the meetings tool will select a single member of your team, rotating meetings between individuals.  


After you’ve customized and created your new round robin meeting link, you'll see a link to your meeting that can be emailed out, added to an email signature, or — for the purpose of this lesson — embedded onto a page.


To embed the meeting link, copy the code provided and paste it into the HTML body of any page you’d like.

But let’s not forget about those top-performing content offers. Adding the meeting link to your thank you pages is a great way to generate demos after someone has indicated interest in your content.


If you are a HubSpot Marketing Enterprise customer and you're using predictive lead scoring, you could also use smart content directly on your landing page to show visitors with a high lead score the direct meetings link (rather than the form). 

As you test these strategies, make sure you keep an eye on the volume of meetings booked and if and how these conversations are turning into customers. You might need to fine tune where the meetings code is placed and on which pages in order to help increase or decrease the number of meetings being booked by your team.

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