Introducing Facebook and Instagram Ads in HubSpot [Product Launch]

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Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews



Today, we’re excited to introduce a new integration with HubSpot: Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads data flowing into HubSpot, you get automatic ROI tracking for every ad, ad campaign and network with precision and accuracy. 

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To see the tool in action, check out this brief video demo or read this review and demo from Nick, at HubSpot partner Campaign Creators.

Getting Started

To get started with the new integration, jump into the settings of HubSpot Ads and authorize Facebook. From there on out, you’ll automatically have the most accurate ROI reporting for ads available. If you don’t have HubSpot Ads, try starting a 30-day free trial or reaching out to your CSM.

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Pro tip: While you’re in settings try out our new Deals ROI features. This setting imports deal data from your CRM into your ads ROI calculation, giving you the most accurate possible view of the ROI of your paid media.

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Integration Features

Facebook ROI Reporting

As soon as you make the connection, we’ll automatically start tracking all of your Facebook Ads campaigns. Please note that we can’t go back in time to track old conversions. The tool pulls in the same data you would see inside of Facebook: impression, clicks, CTR and then combines it with your HubSpot data, leads and deals.

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This allows you to see past the click and know which ads actually drive leads, how much those leads are worth and the resulting ROI of your ad spend. This is the most critical information you can have when making budget decisions on your ads.

Lead Ads Sync 

The minute you authorize Facebook in your settings we also automatically sync new leads generated from Lead Ads. We recreate a form event inside HubSpot (see below) and append all the data from your Ad Campaign on the contact record. This allows you to create lists and segments of leads based on your Facebook Lead Ad campaigns.

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Pro Tip: Build a smart list for each of your Facebook Lead Ad campaigns and integrate into a workflow that either passes them through to sales or continues to nurture them. We’ve seen that folks who come in as leads from Lead Ads are most interested in follow up directly after they convert.

Instagram Reporting

According to Facebook nearly 50% of the 600 million monthly active Instagrammers follow a business. Pair that with a format that lends itself to beautiful, immersive ad creative and you’ve got an amazing channel to reach potential prospects. 

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Because Instagram is an ad type inside of Facebook ads, your Instagram Ads are automatically tracked and reported on in Hubspot.

Optimization and Management

To be great at ad optimization you need to do three things: test, analyze and tweak. Testing is all about trying different ad types, creative and targeting. This creates lots of data that you can then analyze. If you’re using HubSpot Ads, we do all the analyzing work for you.

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With this integration you will automatically see all the conversions that come through Facebook and whether or not those conversions turn into customers. So you’ll know which ads are working and which need to be turned off or tweaked. Using this data to make change will dramatically increase the impact you see from ads. 

Are Facebook Ads right for you?

While they aren't right for everyone, this is a great time to if consider Facebook Ads will work for your business. They are extremely powerful and need to be part of a strong inbound and content strategy. Recently, Facebook has made some really important changes and ad innovations, including a notable shift towards B2B marketers.

Generating Leads with Paid Media, HubSpot Project

 While all this change can make for a confusing new world, it represents a big opportunity for inbound marketers. The same inbound methodology works in Facebook's new video-centric ad powered world. You just have to tweak your tactics and tools. And as always, HubSpot is here to help. 


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