How Does Filtering Work In the Growth Stack?

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Courtney Sembler
Courtney Sembler



What happens when you reach out to a potential lead or start planning a blog post? Even when deciding on your weekend plans, what's the first thing you do?


You decide who you'll be reaching out to, writing the post for, or enjoying your weekend with.

So it only makes sense that the Growth Stack allows you to filter and view contacts in segments to personalize your marketing, reach out to leads, and see which contacts are similar to each other.

This article is all about filtering your contacts in HubSpot Marketing and Sales.

What are Filters and Views?

Let's review what filters and views are in the HubSpot CRM. As your contacts move through the funnel, you can segment them based on specific characteristics. Filters are the individual properties you're segmenting by before saving your custom view.

HubSpot CRM comes with five standard views:

  • My contacts: All contacts assigned to you.
  • All contacts: All contacts you have access to.
  • My uncontacted: All contacts assigned to you and that don't have any calls, emails, or meetings logged in the CRM.
  • My recently assigned contacts: All contacts that have been assigned to you this month.
  • Call queue: A playlist of contacts you can cycle through. Click here for instructions. 

With custom views, you can filter by any contact property so you can easily see which contacts meet the criteria you've set at any given time.

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For example, you may choose to create a view based on the HubSpot Owner property for each sales rep to show leads they own. You also may want to create a view based on lead status and the date last contacted. You can use the same process to segment your companies and deals in the CRM.

You can see below how to create a filter in the CRM using the contact property HubSpot Owner.


Want to learn more about creating custom views? Check out the knowledge article here

Filtering Sales 

Why is filtering important for your sales team? In many cases, your CRM could be filled with hundreds or even thousands of contacts. A sales rep looking at this list may think, "where do I even start?"

To best assist your reps in their day-to-day operations, you want them to easily access the people they're working with and make sure nobody's falling through the cracks.

Kyle Jepson, the Academy Professor dedicated to HubSpot Sales, recommends each team set up three CRM Views:

  • View #1: My follow-ups
  • View #2: Territories 
  • View #3: Housekeeping 

You can find more information about these views here.

Having the ability to filter the contacts your sales reps are reaching out to and prioritize them is a huge benefit of the Growth Stack. But how does filtering help your marketing team?

Marketers still need the ability to segment leads. They have the ability to do this on the marketing side of the Growth Stack with list segmentation. This allows any marketer to create lists for email sends, workflow enrollments, and even reporting.

Let’s tie sales filtering and list segmentation together.

The Growth Stack Filter 

Having segmented lists during the beginning of your buying cycle and then dedicated filters and views during the sales process allows for a streamlined marketing-to-sales handoff.

When we speak of filtering in the marketing sense, we speak more towards segmentation: segmenting email lists and lead nurturing workflows and using smart content to show specific content to different segments of contacts. 

Filtering and segmentation work hand in hand to create a Growth Stack filter for all your efforts to close customers and continually delight them. 

If we think about a filter in the traditional sense, it's a way to separate different aspects into smaller portions. When we work together as a team and filter our contacts from the start, then each of those segments can become high performing and increase team efficiency.



Want to learn how you can set your database up for successful filtering? Check out how to build a contact management strategy. 


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