Free Apps to Grow Better: Analyzing Performance [Part 4]

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Ari Echt-Wilson
Ari Echt-Wilson


As you grow, it’s essential to analyze and report on which strategies are paying off in order to inform future efforts. Reporting takes time, and it can be complicated to combine data from multiple tools and systems. 


Although this is important, you want to focus your energy on executing to drive those metrics rather than analyzing them. That’s why we've put together a list of free apps you can use for reporting on your key performance metrics. Plus, they're all integrated with HubSpot CRM!

Marketing and sales are becoming more data driven; in fact, in February 2018, 42.1% of companies reported using more marketing analytics in decision-making, up from 31.6% the previous year. To be successful, it’s important to report on what’s working to show how your work is contributing to the business's bottom line.

However, 75% of marketers spend up to an hour a day analyzing data from different tools, which is a lot of time away from executing your core strategy. By using integrated apps that help you demonstrate your impact or combine data from different tools, you gain back valuable time in your day.

We’ve put together a list of tools you can take advantage of when reporting on your key metrics. Each one of the featured apps below has a free product and a free integration that connects to HubSpot’s free CRM. Keep reading to learn about essential data and analytics apps in HubSpot Connect.

Access Your Key Performance Indicators Where and When You Need Them With Databox

The average SMB uses 20+ SaaS apps (Blissfully), which results in disparate data that makes analysis difficult. Databox pulls all your data into one place, so you can track performance and discover insights in real time. Additionally, your dashboards will be available wherever you are, whenever you need them. You can set alerts for progress through push notifications, email, or Slack, and your dashboards are always available from any device: tv, desktop, mobile, or watch.

With the Databox + HubSpot integration, your dashboards pull in all the important data from your HubSpot CRM so that you can view key performance indicators. Databox makes it even easier for you with 100s of pre-built templates to help you get started.


Visualize the Customer Journey With Woopra

Woopra helps you visualize and optimize every step of the customer journey so that you can understand how every touchpoint affects the customer experience. By mapping the end-to-end customer journey, you can better understand how it drives growth, retention, and customer success.

By using Woopra and HubSpot together, you can create and update contacts in Woopra and HubSpot to ensure that both systems are always up to date. By unifying the data in Woopra, you can sync custom audiences in real time from Woopra to HubSpot based on who people are and what they do to improve business outcomes by increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.


Analyze Your Website Experience With Hotjar

Hotjar helps you understand your web and mobile site visitors so you can find your growth opportunities. Hotjar helps you visualize user behavior with heatmaps, understand what your users see by watching visitor recordings, learn where your visitors are dropping off with conversion funnels, and improve form completion rates using form analysis. You can go even deeper to understand the reasons behind behavior by analyzing feedback polls from visitors, capturing instant visual feedback on the website, building surveys, and recruiting test users for user research.  

The Hotjar + HubSpot integration brings the data gathered from Hotjar polls directly into the contact timeline so that you can have a deeper understanding of visitor and customer feedback. With more people reluctant to share information, HotJar gives you the tools to understand them without asking them to fill out a form.


Track Your Business Analytics All in One Place With Dasheroo

Dasheroo is a one-stop shop for all of your business analytics from your essential applications. KPIs are only useful if you're keeping a close eye on them. Dasheroo makes that easier by bringing all the data into one place so that your team can spot the important trends early on, and collaborate in real-time to maintain what’s working and change what’s not.

After enabling the HubSpot + Dasheroo integration, you can track your HubSpot analytics right within your Dasheroo data dashboard. You can add key sales and CRM insights from HubSpot right alongside your social media marketing and website analytics KPIs from other applications so that all your reporting is right in one place. With all of this and more, you've got one great set of KPIs to get an up-to-date snapshot of how your business is performing.


If you missed it, don’t forget to check out the list of free apps for creating a lead generation strategy, communicating with your contacts, and improving productivity.

Ready to jump in? You can download all the free apps in the HubSpot Connect Directory

Free Apps to Grow Better

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