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How many hours, days, and weeks have you spent during your career attempting to create a unique design layout for an email, blog, landing page, or website? Why do marketers get tasked with creating innovative designs without having a design background?

Your primary marketing goal is to communicate information to a specific audience, but designing it often isn't easy.

Here's how to navigate the HubSpot Template Marketplace to find the template that's right for the job.

Streamline Your Marketing Design

There's a reason why blog posts show their title at the top of the page. There's a reason why emails don't have a black background and white text. And there's a reason why websites have a navigation menu.

Don't spend time reinventing the wheel by trying to develop an innovative and new layout. You'll take time away from crafting the best message for your personas, and you'll end up with a strong visual deviation from the rest of your company's content and brand.

Templates continue to be a fantastic way to streamline your marketing efforts. Strategic reuse of a design layout will not only save time but provide consistency in the look and feel of your company communications. Repetition and consistency are precisely how household-name companies are able to remain top-of-mind.

Are you ready to find the best templates that suit your company's communication needs?

With nearly 2,000 templates in the HubSpot Marketplace, finding the one that's right can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Read on for a swift workflow to quickly navigate the Template Marketplace in four easy steps.

1. Find the design layout that's already in your mind. 

Often times, you recognize the direction of what you're going to need in a template. When browsing the Marketplace, you can start filtering your search by the category and layout.


Do you know you need a two-column template for your landing page? Are you looking for a new design that mimics your previous email sends by using a one-column email template? Do you need a complex page for your website or landing page with multiple rows?

Pick the template category first to select "Email" or "Website Page" as an example, and then use the "Layout" filter to hone in on some good template options.

2. Add specific features to your search.

If you need a background image in your email, a pricing table, a map on your website, or a way to filter and show specific blog posts on your blog, look no further than the "Features" filter.


You'll be able to add up to three features in your search to further narrow down all of the template options.

3. Locate the templates that have customization and flexibility built in.


By now you've narrowed it down to some top contenders. Pay attention to the notes on the template and, upon clicking, the additional details from the developer. Some template designs are more customizable than others with color-picker options, flexible sections of the template, and even a live demo of how to use the template. 

Take some time to review the features if you're going to need to deviate significantly from the template as it is shown.

If you have been hoping for even more functions in your templates, you'll soon be able to. Are you dreaming of scrolling testimonials or wishing for accordion-style menus on your pages? 

You'll soon be able to add in custom modules just like those and much more, all without having to contact a designer. Keep your eyes on the category called "Custom Modules" from the filter in the Marketplace. Custom Modules will soon be just a click away!

4. Get going with your templates.

You've done the hard work in selecting your template, now where did it go? What was it called again? Jump over to the "Purchased" tab in the Marketplace and you'll be able to quickly start using your template. Click the "Actions" button and you can create your next email, blog, landing page, or website page and know you've selected the right template.


Do you have a favorite Marketplace template? Let us know in the comments below!

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