How to Use HubSpot's New Smart Content Features to Master Personalized Marketing

Jeffrey Vocell
Jeffrey Vocell



Creating and launching personalized content has never been easier across your website, landing pages, CTAs, and email for a truly relevant marketing experience. Personalization is no longer out of reach, but available at the single click of a button, and it's all thanks to the new Smart Content release. I dare say that this is a marketers personalized dream.

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With the new HubSpot Smart Content release, you can personalize content anonymously, or for known visitors, across any website pages, landing pages, forms, and CTAs. After all, your website visitors aren't one-size-fits-all, why should your website be?

Read on to learn more about the new smart content features, and how to implement them in your marketing to drive conversions.

Driving Conversions with Relevant Forms

Form length has been a hotly debated topic among conversion rate optimization folks and marketers for a long time. But there's no question that if you have a long form and are showing that same form to all visitors, regardless of where they are visiting from, device being used, whether they're a customer or a lead, it can hurt your conversion rates. 

With the new Smart Forms you can utilize the same smart content rules to display a form that is specific to visitors. For example, want to show a shorter form to your mobile visitors? Using Smart Forms, you can do it with the press of a button. Learn how to add a smart form using HubSpot. 

We use Smart Forms here at HubSpot on some of our highest trafficked landing pages to show a shorter form version for visitors from mobile devices. The results? We increased the number of mobile prospects by 5x over 2 weeks. 


Calls-to-Actions That Adapt to Your Audience

At HubSpot we introduced Smart CTAs for known-visitors a while ago. With yesterday's release you can now start to target, and personalize, CTAs for anonymous visitors as well. 

Want to create and display a CTA that changes based on whether the visitor is coming from social media, or your latest email campaign? With Smart CTAs you can. When combined with a smart form, you can create a experience that is targeted towards specific personas or users and drive better results.


Customize Your Entire Website with Smart HTML Modules

Your personalization strategy should extend beyond individual landing pages, or campaigns. It should be persona-centric, tie to your business goals, and should likely span all of your marketing. That's where Smart HTML Modules come in. 

Have an image slider that you want to customize for prospects versus customers? You can do that with Smart HTML modules. Have a live chat service you are using, and only want to offer chat to specific visitors or for visitors from specific locations? You can do that too.

Smart HTML modules allow you the flexibility to change any element of your marketing and truly create a fully relevant experience.


Incorporate Personalization Across Your Entire Website in One Step

Personalization, by it's very definition, has always required careful implementation and deployment across individual pages one-at-a-time. With Smart Content now available at the template-level, you can add it once and roll it out across any pages and assets that use the same template. 

Not only does this save you a ton of time, but it allows you to quickly ramp-up your personalization across your all of your marketing without repetitive tasks or implementation. To get started simply go into Design Manager use the gear icon and choose "Make Smart."


This entire release is designed to help you easily create and roll-out personalized experiences faster than ever before to improve conversion rates. When these are used in combination with your content you have the opportunity to truly offer a remarkable experience without a line of code needed.

Let us know what you think about these new Smart Content features and how you plan to use them within your own marketing. 

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