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This week 18,000 inbound enthusiasts joined us in Boston for the best week of the year, INBOUND 2016. These marketers, salespeople and entrepreneurs have come for the inspiring speakers, hilarious entertainers, brilliant experts, and to meet and party with their friends and colleagues.

INBOUND16 Product Launch

They’ve also come to hear about the state of inbound and what’s new with HubSpot. With so much packed into a few short days, we thought it’d help to recap our product news and how you, our customers, can take advantage of everything new at HubSpot. 

Stack the odds in your favor.

The times they are a changin’. Especially for companies looking to find an edge and grow through sales and marketing. Companies are moving away from several point solutions, that divide their company, towards a more helpful, more connected, stack of tools. In its entirety, HubSpot software is a modern growth stack for mid-sized organizations.

300px growthstack.png

Comprised of HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing, and HubSpot Sales, HubSpot puts everything a growth team needs in a single set of tools that are already deeply integrated, right out of the box. All of the product updates you’ll see in this post are focused on creating a tighter more connected HubSpot. Starting with a few new improvements to the core HubSpot tools.

All Product Updates

  • Visual Workflows
  • Reporting Improvements
  • Composer
  • Projects
  • Mobile App
  • Meetings
  • Messages
  • Ads Improvements
  • Collect
  • Content Strategy
  • HubDB
  • AMP

Connected Tools

To get ahead and stay ahead, you need a growth stack that is integrated, fast, complete, collaborative and helpful. These pillars drive product improvements we’re excited to share as part of #INBOUND16.

Visual Workflows

As your team scales, automation can get complicated. A single flow turns into three or four, one branch becomes several. More people are involved in the process, and need a quick way to understand your campaigns. Your processes might get more complex, but your tools don’t have to.

With that in mind, we’ve rebuilt your Workflows editor from the ground up, with a fresh new visual interface that's lighter to to learn, easier to use, and simpler to share. With the new visual editor, you can easily see a holistic view of your entire workflow, or zoom-in to optimize individual branches.

Click here to request Early Access to Visual Workflows

Reporting Improvements

We’re reloading Reporting with an all new web analytics dashboard. This changes brings the most pivotal top-of-funnel metrics --- bounce rate by device, new vs. returning visitors, and more --- into HubSpot, giving you actionable insights into the health of your website in an easy-to-use interface. The new dashboard will be available to Basic, Professional, and Enterprise customers in the coming months.

Stay Up to Date on the Web Analytics Launch


You know where distraction and disconnected tools really hurt your team? Content creation. It’s hard enough to find the time to create, that when you do, we want it to feel a little more, calming. That’s where we’re taking our blogging experience with Composer. Composer is a distraction-free, collaborative writing experience. It helps you focus on creating the content your audience wants, and not worry about the style.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 2.46.07 PM.png

You can now easily collaborate and have conversations with your team, or anyone you just want to review your content.

Try out Composer

Connected Teams

Sometimes the biggest enemy of growth is a lack of collaboration and focus. Different tools or systems separate your team and isolate your data. If you want to grow, sales and marketing can’t be speaking two different languages. No, you all have to row in the same direction. As part of the updates this year, our entire platform is focused on helping you better connect with prospects and customers, regardless of team.


This focus on teams starts with Projects, our new in-app productivity tool. Projects has transformed how teams work, collaborate and learn inside of HubSpot. The tool rallies your team around a shared set of tasks, helping you set owners and build timelines for your marketing campaigns.

Projects features pre-built Templates, that guide you through the execution of countless inbound tactics, helping you go-to-market faster than ever. It’s a free tool and it’s available in your marketing portal now.

Get Started with Projects now.


In the spirit of Projects, there are now new ways to collaborate with your team, throughout HubSpot. You’ll notice in HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and the CRM you can now communicate with colleagues directly in HubSpot, simply by @-mentioning them. This works within a contact’s timeline, or a on a draft of a piece of content and more. It helps cut down on email and allow you to chat and work all in one tool.

Mobile App

We've taken the best parts of our existing CRM, Sales, and Marketing apps, and combined them into a unified HubSpot mobile experience. The new HubSpot Mobile app gives you a view into the full lifecycle of your contacts, from top funnel marketing efforts to in-progress deals and sales tasks.

 With the power of the HubSpot Growth Stack and inbound in your pocket, you'll never lose sight of a customer, deal, or campaign. Download our new app today in the App Store.

Grab our new iOS app from the App Store

Connected Customers

Truly connecting with people is the final ingredient in what it takes to grow. That may mean reaching prospects through new channels, or rethinking some of the ways you communicate to customers today. This year’s updates include tools focused on helping you make meaningful connections with the people most crucial to your growth.


A the heart of every closed deal is a meeting. Meetings, a feature of HubSpot Sales, makes finding a time to connect with customers simple. Meetings syncs with your Google or Office 365 calendar, so you can easily share your most up-to-date availability with prospects via email, or on your website. 

Meetings is currently available to all HubSpot Sales Pro users.

Learn more about Meetings


Why waste time prospecting when qualified leads are knocking on your door? Messages lets you chat with site visitors in real time. And custom targeting means you can chat with the right people at the right time. Conversations are easy to manage, and automatically sync back to the contact’s timeline in HubSpot CRM. Messages will be rolling out in Q1 of 2017 as the newest feature of HubSpot Sales Pro.

Learn more about Messages

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

HubSpot and Sales Naviagor integration.png

Sales people using LinkedIn Sales Navigator can better target, understand and engage with prospects and leads. HubSpot is proud to be named one of LinkedIn's CRM partners. This integration brings LinkedIn Sales Navigator features right inside of HubSpot CRM and will be available in 2017.

Learn more about Sales Navigator and HubSpot CRM

Facebook Ads

Posting in social no longer guarantees reach, at the same time paid media has proven to be a great tool to amplify inbound content. Many of you may have already experimented with Facebook ads and soon you’ll be able to tie them directly into your inbound campaigns. Through a partnership with Facebook, we’ll be pulling their ads into HubSpot ads as soon as Q1 of 2017. 


Facebook in HubSpot Ads means we can show you a closed loop view of your campaigns, including automatically surfacing leads and ROI for all ads. This rounds out our integrations with the top ads networks, giving you the power to quickly test and assess your investment in paid media and make the right decisions.

Click here to request access to the beta

Deals ROI

Ads ROI is a big deal. Most marketers and advertisers really struggle to understand the real ROI of their individual ads and campaigns. However knowing your ads ROI unlocks a massive opportunity to optimize your ads for more revenue. With the data we have access to in the deals of CRMs connected to HubSpot, we're now able to surface an exact ROI for your ads campaigns. Look for it in the settings of HubSpot Ads.


All content starts with an idea. Inspiration that comes to you in the shower or from something you find on the web. But let’s be honest, most of those ideas never come to fruition. Often that is because we store ideas/inspiration in an individual file, or system that doesn't connect to our work. Using Collect, anyone on your team can save ideas and inspiration as they find it.


Collect lets anyone clip, research, and publish content you find across the web. This mean it’s easier for your team to come together on ideas and you’ll bring more of your big ideas to life.

Learn more about Collect

Content Strategy

Content remains king but how people find and consume it is changing. We’re focused on helping you build the right content, that helps you get found. The content that will provide you the best reach and help you growth. With HubSpot's Content Strategy tool you’ll be able to focus on a proven content and SEO strategy by placing topics first. Decide what topics to write about and before you write a single word HubSpot will help you validate your suggestion, or explore other ideas. With this knowledge you can stop guessing and start knowing exactly what content will work.

Discover more about Content Strategy


If you’re a marketer with a big catalog of products, or a team member page, or even automotive/real-estate listings, you’ve undoubtable felt some pain around making changes to your website. HubDB is a database-driven solution for pages in the HubSpot Website Platform.

With this new tool you can power your product listings, team resources, events, and website with HubDB. Connect your website to your entire funnel and drive growth from visitors to customers.

Learn more about HubDB

Accelerated Mobile Pages for HubSpot Blog

Mobile users can be fickle. You often only have few seconds of their attention before they move onto something else. If you blog content uses those few precious seconds to load, you may lose them. That why we’re focusing on AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages within the HubSpot Blog tool.


This addition instantaneously loads blog content for mobile visitors and helps to increase the discoverability of your content in search.

Learn more about AMP

As you can see our teams have been working hard to make HubSpot better. We believe that you can accelerate growth by evolving from point solutions, towards a more connected platform of tools. We’re focused on making HubSpot that unifying platform. Your growth stack. These new products have all been created with this goal in mind and it will continue to be our focus into 2017.Speaking of 2017, we hope to see you back in Boston for #INBOUND17. As always, it’s going to be bigger, better and more connected.


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