Introducing the New Service Hub Software Certification

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Adriti Gulati
Adriti Gulati


We have marketing, sales, and CMS software certifications … anything missing?

Service Hub Software Certification

Not anymore! The Service Hub Software Certification is now live.

This certification is designed to help you understand and improve your customers’ experiences through Service Hub tools.

What’s Included in This Certification?

The certification starts with a lesson on customer journey mapping, where you’ll build empathy for your customers and truly understand their experience. Then, after you’ve understood the customer experience, you'll learn how to improve the experience — that’s where Service Hub comes in. The certification teaches you how to use help desk to create a frictionless experience for your customers, self-service options to help your customers help themselves, and feedback and advocacy to turn your customers into your best marketers.

This certification consists of five lessons and various practical exercises and quizzes that allow you to apply your knowledge along the way.

Who Is This Certification Meant For?

If you’re interested in learning how you can improve your customer service, this course is for you. Specifically, this course is targeted towards customer service managers and agents.

Anything I Should Know Before Starting This Certification?

The course will take about two hours to complete, not including the 60-question exam at the end. Also, please keep in mind that in order to get certified, you must have Service Hub Professional or Enterprise. If you’re looking for education on Service Hub Starter,  check out this lesson.

As an added bonus, this is our first certification filmed entirely at home!

Happy learning!



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