The Complete List of November 2017 Product Updates

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Jeffrey Vocell
Jeffrey Vocell



Every month we bring you a slew of new updates across the Marketing Hub and Sales Hub to make you, and your entire team, more efficient and effective. 

This month we have a lot of updates to share.


What's New in the Sales Hub?

Reply to emails from the contact timeline.

Sales is all about efficiency. The more time you spend between systems, the less time you have to build helpful relationships with your prospects and customers. 

Today, we've added the ability to reply to any email on a contact, company, or deal timeline directly within HubSpot, without ever leaving the CRM.


Find out more information about replying to emails directly from HubSpot CRM.

Customize the title of your meetings.

Meetings help you establish a personal relationship with prospects and customers. So, making sure your calendar reflects that ultimately bring more context, transparency, and personality to the booking experience. 

To customize the meeting title when you're creating a meetings link, you can now alter the "invite subject" field to customize the title.


This change is now live for all CRM, Sales Starter, and Sales Professional users.


What's New in the Marketing Hub?

Introducing traffic analytics.

Traffic analytics is the brand new home for sources, page performance, and brand-new reports like topic clusters and UTM parameters.

This launch brings four tools that will help you break down every aspect of your website traffic — all under one roof. 

In addition to the new location and look and feel, we've updated the performance of reporting and even included new metrics in sources data, such as bounce rate, page views per session, average session length, and more.


With all of these new reports, you can now pin any of the new sources data directly to your dashboard by clicking the "Add to Dashboard" button in the upper right corner of a report.

Traffic analytics is now available for opt-in for all Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, and Enterprise customers. Head over to sources to activate the new tool, or just read through the full tour here.

Facebook audience sync.

As Facebook has grown in popularity, it has become a reliable way to reach almost any audience. In fact, the average adult spends 50 minutes per day on the channel.

Today, Marketing Hub customers with the ads add-on can start syncing their smart lists to audiences on Facebook's advertising platform to retarget and nurture existing contacts in your funnel, or run ads to generate targeted new leads.


Check out this post for more information on Facebook audience sync.

HubDB user permissions.

HubDB is the easiest way to build dynamic, data-driven pages within HubSpot. Today's update means you can set specific users who can read, write, or publish HubDB tables.

With this update, you can ensure your business-critical content doesn't accidentally become overwritten.

For more information, check out the HubSpot user roles guide.

That's it for November, but if you missed recent updates or just want the recap all of the product announcements from November, check out the video below. 


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