Google AdWords and HubSpot Integration Now Live! (customer example)

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Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews



As of today, our Google AdWords integration is live and available to all customers via the Ads Add-on.

Request a demo of the Ads Add-on to see how Google AdWords integrates in HubSpot.

We are thrilled about our integration with Google AdWords and for more than a few of reasons. Almost half of HubSpot customers were already using ads, and now this integration allows them to run those search campaigns right inside HubSpot. This makes HubSpot even more all-in-one. We see a lot of customers combining search ads with SEO to rank faster and dominate valuable searches. Now it's faster and easier than ever. We see customers struggle to measure success and get good at ads. The AdWords integration gives them everything they need to measure and optimize ad campaigns like never before. That's all amazing, but most exciting of all: inbound marketers are so darn good at advertising!

This took us by surprise. We weren’t exactly sure if inbound marketing and advertising even needed one another. We still don’t think that inbound marketers have to use ads, but we are now convinced that ads can amplify the effectiveness of inbound when used right. For example, the inbound marketing team at EHS Insight, a Houston based software company.

EHS adopted HubSpot and inbound at the beginning of 2015 and starting seeing good results. However, they found it hard to rank fast enough for the organic search terms they were targeting. Then they started using Google search ads (AdWords) alongside their SEO and content strategy to make sure they won clicks on important keywords.

And it worked! EHS used the same landing pages and offers from their content strategy. This time, the ads drove all the traffic. In the meantime, they continued strengthening their organic search results, and in time, found a combination of ads and organic an excellent combination.

While their strategy worked, they were spending too much time and effort trying to measure and optimize their campaigns. To effectively leverage ads, it’s important to understand what's working and what’s not, so you can turn off or tweak ads that might be losing your company money. They needed a way to save time on this process, consolidate their data, and surface key information like conversions in a meaningful way.

Their team heard about HubSpot’s new Ads Add-On and realized there was an easy way to use ads with HubSpot and measure success. The tool allowed them to spend less time trying to connect the dots by providing them a closed loop view of their ads, supplying the right data automatically. After adopting the Ads Add-On, their team's ads strategy got serious. They saw a 90% increase in conversions generated by ads!

“Inbound and Paid campaigns absolutely must be in harmony to maximize the value for us. HubSpot Ads makes it much easier to keep an eye on both and to correlate the results of campaigns across channels. We can make better decisions in less time.” - Gary McDonald, CEO, EHS Insights


As our Product Team likes to say, this is only the beginning for HubSpot and ads. We are focused on evolving HubSpot Ads, including adding more of the top ad networks marketers love and use. We also want to make it easy and automatic to know the exact ROI of your ad campaigns. Most of all, we want to help marketers like EHS Insight use ads to drive better results faster and amplify the effects of inbound.

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