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How to Plan an Event Using HubSpot

by Juli Gaudette


June 15, 2017 at 11:00 AM

HubSpot support seriesHere at HubSpot, we like to celebrate. In fact, we just celebrated the company's 11th birthday with a big ol’ birthday bash in Cambridge.

This got me thinking: Not only is the HubSpot software useful for creating content and nurturing leads, it can help you plan your next event.

Using the tools you already know and love, you can plan your next event, keep guests engaged, and maintain an always up-to-date guest list. Here's how.

Step One: Create an RSVP Form With a Landing Page

Using a standard HubSpot form, you can collect information about each guest. Think of this form as the RSVP card for your event, where your guests can let you know if they're attending.

Are you also inviting plus-ones? Are you serving food and need to know about dietary restrictions? If so, no problem. Simply create a custom contact property for each additional piece of information you need.

When your form is ready, insert it onto a festive landing page. Think of this landing page as the official invitation. Be sure to include the time, place, reason for partying, and any other relevant information your guests need to know. This way, they can always revisit the page if they need to refer back to the information.

Create your landing page to follow along.

Your final product will probably look something like this:


Step Two: Build a Guest List

Since you’ll probably want to know who's attending, you can keep track using a HubSpot list. Start by creating a smart list with the following criteria: Form Submission > Contact has filled out form > Choose your RSVP form.

Go to your lists.


Then, edit the columns of this list to reflect the fields on the RSVP form. You can do so by clicking the menu button on the top right of the current column.


Then, watch the submissions roll in!


Step Three: Stay in Touch

If you want to send reminders or updates as your event gets closer, set up a fixed-date workflow. Use your guest list as the enrollment criteria, center the workflow around the date of the party, and create a sequence of emails that go out as the big date approaches.

This way, no matter when a guest filled out the RSVP form, they will all receive the reminders at the same time.


Step Four: Spread the Word

Create a festive email. Think of this as the envelope for the invitation. Let them know you're having a party and you want them to come. Keep it short and sweet, and make sure to include a link or CTA that brings your guest to the landing page that sets off the internal chain of events you just built.


The HubSpot software can be used in many different ways, for seemingly endless inbound strategies.

Want to learn how to master your software? Check out HubSpot Training Day at INBOUND 2017 — an event full of hands-on workshops for HubSpot users.

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Written by Juli Gaudette

Juli started at HubSpot in the fall of 2016. Her hobbies include running marathons, hiking tall mountains, skiing down tall mountains, using Oxford commas, and dissecting gnarly workflows.


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