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How to Style a Grid of Small Images in an Email [HubSpot Support Series]

by Juli Gaudette


March 9, 2017 at 2:00 PM

HubSpot support seriesIn the age of inbound, it's important to have well designed emails with eye-catching images. You even use a group of smaller images to create a larger eye-catching piece of content.

Here in Support, we see a lot peers who can’t seem to make their group of small images align, especially in multiple browsers, to create the perfect "tile effect." There always seems to be just one image off by a single pixel, or the spacing seems to be a little different between the rows, or it always looks a little weird in different email clients. And what if you want the grid alignment to be maintained on mobile devices too?

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Juli Gaudette

Juli started at HubSpot in the fall of 2016. Her hobbies include running marathons, hiking tall mountains, skiing down tall mountains, using Oxford commas, and dissecting gnarly workflows.


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