How to Build Your Very Own Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Juli Gaudette
Juli Gaudette



At HubSpot Support, we truly embrace the value of smarketing. We acknowledge the importance of having measurable goals that sales and marketing agrees to hit, creating mutual accountability.

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We also know that every company has different core values and will develop their smarketing goals accordingly. One goal that everybody can surely agree on is customer satisfaction.

Not only will happy customers come back to purchase more, but they're also likely to tell their friends about their positive experience. And really, what's better than good ol' word-of-mouth marketing?

Ready to leverage your delighted customers as promoters? Check out this lesson.

Here's the tricky part; how do you measure happiness? Counting your thank-you cards probably isn't the most accurate measurement, and keeping track of customer complaints alone won't do you much good either.

You could try using a customer satisfaction survey. Even better news, they're relatively easy to build using the HubSpot forms tool

Steps to Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Step 1: Create a Customer Satisfaction Contact Property

The first step to building this survey will be to create a custom contact property that will ultimately be used in a short form. I personally find that this property type works best as either a "Radio Select" or a "Dropdown Select" property type, with ten options. To avoid confusion, you may also want to include a short description of the highest and lowest score.


It can also be really helpful to create a second property here, for additional comments that the customer may want to share with you. The second property will give the customer a chance to explain the score that they chose. This can be done using a "Multi-line Text" property.


Step 2: Create a Customer Satisfaction Form

Now that you have your two new contact properties, you can create your customer satisfaction form. Best practice here will be to keep the form very short. Only asking for the essentials will ensure that you get the highest response rate possible. Since the customers filling out this form are likely already contacts in your portal, you may even want to keep the form to just two questions.


If you want to make sure your customer satisfaction form looks good, adding help text to the fields will produce a polished appearance for your final product.


Once your form is ready to go, create a simple landing page for it to live on. Remember, landing pages have no navigation—keep the focus on the form!

Step 3: Create a Thank-You Email

Customers appreciate a thank-you email about as much as your grandma does after giving you a thoughtful gift. Show them that you appreciate them! And when you do, include a link (or a CTA) to your new customer satisfaction form.


Step 4: Reap the Happiness Benefits!

After you begin collecting this new data from your customers, the possibilities are endless! You can create a workflow to notify the HubSpot owners when their customers have delivered feedback. You can build marketing lists based on your new customer satisfaction property, and most importantly you can begin to develop your smarketing goals based on how your customers are reacting.

Get creating that survey! 

Want to hear more from Juli? She's hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the HubSpot Community from January 14, 2019 – January 28, 2019. Join the conversation here.


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