3 Pro Tips to Building Inbound Ads

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Markiesha Ollison
Markiesha Ollison



We've got some exciting news. A new training video for Inbound Ads is now live for HubSpot customers! The training video covers topics such as how to get started building your paid social media campaign strategy, how to calculate return on investment, how to get started using Inbound Ads to build successful LinkedIn campaigns, and more. But, before you head over to watch the video, here's three things you should know. 


#1. Get Serious About Goal-Setting 

Setting goals is the most important step in launching a paid social media advertising campaign. Today, there are more campaign possibilities than ever before, which can lead marketers to spend money on campaigns that fail to solve for their needs.

For example, If you need to increase the reach of your content, you may want to create a campaign focused on impressions before building a campaign to help drive conversions. This will ensure that you only pay for the number of people who view your content rather than the number of people who submit a form on your website. Making this type of mistake can cost marketers hundreds of advertising budget.

To be successful, marketers must set clear and defined goals and objectives for each campaign so that we you can find the success that you want. 

#2. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment 

When creating inbound ads, you should experiment with your advertising campaigns and become the mad scientist you've always dreamed of. Every campaign is a new and exciting opportunity for you to try new ways to communicate and amplify your message. Here's a few ways you can experiment with your inbound ads. 


Using visuals to complete your inbound ad is a proven way to find success. Experimenting with your visual is a good place to start because it is often the easiest component of your message to alter. Below are two examples of ad creative used to promote the Email Marketing Certification. The element that I had tested was the appearance of "real people."  I wanted to understand if the presence of people helped increase the click through rate of the ad. To my surprise, the visual at the bottom out-performed the top by nearly 2:1. 




We all know that it's not always what you say, but how you say it. In the world of social media advertising the same can be applied. As a result, it becomes event more important to test out various ways to share your message. Below are two messages used to help promote the Email Marketing Certification. Both used the same image, but varied language. The top message resonated best with our audience. 



Content Type 

The type of content that you choose to promote is the most important component of any social media post. Whether it's a blog, a content offer, or video, audience members are going to choose to engage with your ads differently. Experiment with the type of content you choose to promote in order to identify what will help you gain the best results.

#3. Be Patient 

Patience is more than just a virtue. It's the key to success when creating new paid social media campaigns. As a social media marketer, I can relate to feeling eager to see success from my campaigns. However, it takes time to gain the results we need. Sometimes it takes the practice of creating multiple campaigns before we create one that works. 

Now that you're equipped with a few inside tips and tricks on how to do Inbound advertising on social media, you can get started watching the new Inbound Ads training video here. Enjoy! 

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