Create a YouTube Channel From Scratch Using These Five AI Tools

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Sara Friedman
Sara Friedman



It’s official: If you aren’t talking about AI right now, you might as well live under a rock. 

And the applications are endless, with industries from health care and law to finance, marketing, and design all touched by new technological innovations. 

YouTube, at the crossroads of art, video, content marketing, and writing, is a platform ripe for disruption and improvement from AI. 

And creator Jensen Tung is ahead of the curve with a video on how to make a YouTube channel using only AI. Tung is one of many amazing creators in the HubSpot YouTube Network, the video destination for business builders.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out his video for a detailed step-by-step guide, and keep reading for five AI tools you can use to get started right now:

1. AI Text Generators

When people talk about AI, they’re often talking about AI text generators like ChatGPT or Bard. These generative chatbots can take your prompts (“write me a poem about cheeseburgers”) and turn them into written products in mere seconds. 

For YouTube, these kinds of tools can have a bunch of exciting applications:

  • You can first use a text generator to help you find your channel niche with a prompt as simple as “100 YouTube Channel Niches”

  • You can then get its help with naming your channel. A search like “50 gender-neutral names” will give you some options

  • To drill down more, combine your chosen name and niche: “10 YouTube channel names about X by someone named Y”

  • Once you have your profile name, you can use text generators to write a page bio 

  • AI text generators can also do some heavy lifting later in the creation process by actually writing the scripts for your videos 

2. AI Image Generators 

If you’re in need of some visuals for your channel, AI can help with that, too. 

You can use an image generator like Stable Diffusion to create images:

  • You can make a profile picture with prompts that include both the art style and the contents of the image, like “smart baby, cartoon, profile picture” 

  • You can then use this profile picture as a logo + some AI-generated copy to complete your banner 

  • AI image generators can also produce the meat of your video if you’re planning to include still shots 

There are many other AI image generation tools, so it’s worth experimenting with both the platform you use and the prompts you write to get your perfect outcome.

3. Text-To-Speech Generators 

Arguably one of the most important components of a stellar YouTube video is a good script. And, you guessed it, AI can help with writing and voicing it:

  • Once you’ve used a text generator to write your script, use a speech generator like Microsoft Edge to bring it to life

  • The generator will read your script aloud, and you can choose from a variety of accents and even ages for the voice-over for your video 

  • Save your script in a Notepad text document on your desktop and open it with Microsoft Edge

  • Once it’s Edge is reading the script aloud, use an extension called Audio Recorder to record the voice-over 

4. AI Music Generators

Music can play a large part in setting the tone for your video. To generate it with AI, use a tool such as Strofe that allows you to customize your video’s music. 

Strofe lets you select a mood for your track (spooky, sad, happy, etc.) and will generate a random track for you with the click of a button. 

You can then customize the track further by choosing from a range of instruments and adjusting the individual volume of each.  

Note: It’s free to generate music, but not to download, though you’ll get your first track free.

5. AI Auto Captioning

Captioning is the cherry on top of your video sundae, and software such as Adobe’s Sensei (built into Premiere Pro) can help you finish your masterpiece. 

Sensei detects your audio and transcribes it for you from speech to text, creating captions at the exact time stamps that they are spoken. 


And there you have it: Every tool you need to make a YouTube video entirely from scrat — well, AI. 

To follow along with a step-by-step guide, check out Tung’s video


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