21 Incredible Geometric Patterns Perfect for Your Next Design

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Caroline Forsey
Caroline Forsey



There’s a certain psychology to shapes.


The square, for instance, evokes feelings of stability and formality -- which makes sense, when we think about popular square-shaped items in our lives (houses, tables, computer screens). We often see this shape in logos when reliability is a critical component, like for Microsoft or American Express.

The triangle, meanwhile, can suggest action (road signs, mountains), but might also appear balanced and solid (Egyptian pyramids). We see this shape in logos when mobility is a necessary factor, like for Delta or Adidas.

A geometric pattern repeats or re-aligns shapes to create movement and freshness in a design. Knowing the importance of shapes to create meaning, it makes sense for businesses to consider using geometric patterns to inspire their audience.

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Here, we’ve compiled some of the sleekest and most innovative geometric patterns businesses are using today. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next redesign, look no further.

1. Gallery and Co. Branding by Foreign Policy.

Gallery and Co. Branding by Foreign Policy.

2. Sorry Colour by Alex Lorenzo.

Sorry Colour by Alex Lorenzo

3. NICFI by Tank Design, Daniel Brox Nordmo, and Ina Brantenberg.

NICFI by Tank Design, Daniel Brox Nordmo, and Ina Brantenberg

4. Arq by Stitch Design Co.

Arq by Stitch Design Co

5. BBC artwork by Liam Brazier.

BBC artwork by Liam Brazier

6. Flock Cafe by Kilo Studio.

Flock Cafe by Kilo Studio

7. Ruiseñor by Yeye Design.

Ruiseñor by Yeye Design

8. CareerTrackers by Garbett.

CareerTrackers by Garbettc

9. The Swap Show by Foreign Policy.

The Swap Show by Foreign Policy

10. Dance Ink by Pentagram.

Dance Ink by Pentagram

11. Gulf Air by Saffron Consultants.

Gulf Air by Saffron Consultants

12. Business Cards by Lucie Mcilroy.

Business Cards by Lucie Mcilroy

13. Andrés Sandoval by A Practice for Everyday Life.

Andrés Sandoval by A Practice for Everyday Life

14. Dan Pearson Studio by Spin.

Dan Pearson Studio by Spin

15. Beau Cacao by SocioDesign.

Beau Cacao by SocioDesign

16. Comedy Feast by Only.

Comedy Feast by Only

17. ICP by Aris Zenone.

ICP by Aris Zenone

18. Utrecht by Total Identity Group.

Utrecht by Total Identity Group

19. St. Erhard by Bedow.

St. Erhard by Bedow

20. Les Vitrines by Des Signes.

Les Vitrines by Des Signes

21. Moimio by Helen & Co.

Moimio by Helen & Co
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