The Face of Your Company: How to Hire for Client-Facing Positions

Sam Kusinitz
Sam Kusinitz



Hiring for external-facing roles within your company is both remarkably important, and incredibly difficult. The people who you hire for roles like support, customer service, and sales will be the face of your brand, as they are the ones who will be interacting with your customers and clients on a daily basis.

For most client-facing positions, experience isn’t everything. In many cases, it's better to hire the candidate with the right attitude and character traits rather than the candidate with the most experience. While you can train a salesperson to be persuasive or you can teach customer service employees how to “read” customers, you cannot show a person how to feel empathy for others, how to think optimistically, or the many other traits that are critical for client success.

Zendesk recognizes how difficult it can be to hire for these external-facing position, so they created the infographic below to identify the specific challenges companies face in hiring for external-facing positions -- and what exactly you should look for during the hiring process to ensure you hire the best candidates.


Key Takeaways

Hiring Pains

Many companies are looking to hire, but are concerned with candidate quality.

  • Finding, training, and developing hires are top challenges for 52% of businesses. (Tweet This Stat)
  • 52% of companies note their inability to hire the right candidates has a medium- to high-level impact on their ability to serve customers. (Tweet This Stat)

The Ideal Candidate

Companies globally recognize the importance of outward-facing positions, but struggle to hire for positions like sales representatives, account managers, and customer service.

  • 75% of customers say they have given companies more business because of a history of positive customer service experiences. (Tweet This Stat)
  • 52% of consumers say they are willing to spend more with companies that they believe provide excellent customer service. (Tweet This Stat)


Customers want to feel like their opinions matter, so hiring people who can make customers feel validated is important.

  • 76% of customers want assurance that their problems will not be repeated. (Tweet This Stat)

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill

Hire for traits like:

  • Kindness 
  • Empathy
  • Optimism 
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity 
  • Teamwork 

Train for skills like:

  • Customer service expertise
  • Persuasiveness 
  • Ability to "read" customers

What do you look for when you're hiring for external-facing positions? 

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