8 Simple Tips to Siphon SEO Value From Google+ [SlideShare]

a-practical-guide-to-improving-seo-with-google+-promo-image-1This post contains excerpts from our ebook, A Practical Guide to Improving SEO with Google+. Download your own free copy right here.

With only so many hours in a day, it’s no wonder why many marketers consider Google+ an afterthought compared to other tactics like regular website maintenance, ongoing blogging, and publishing to major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After all, where do you find the time to cultivate yet another social community, and why would you do so on Google+ if you’re not entirely sure it’s worth it?

It’s understandable why some marketers remain unconvinced, too. Some don’t believe their audience exists on the platform, and some think the platform’s a total ghost town. Some are wary of investing in Google+ given the 2014 announcement of Google+ creator Vic Gundotra’s departure.

All are valid reasons for investing marketing budgets into other social networks and inbound marketing tactics, but there’s still one reason why even the time-crunched marketer shouldn’t ignore Google+ entirely, and that reason is SEO. And, as Google+ evolves, it's wise to get all the foundational elements right so you can more readily adapt to change.

The Bottom Line

Google dominates the search market and has a bias toward Google+ content, so any business looking to boost their overall search engine visibility can’t ignore Google+. Even brands like Starbucks and The Economist have openly acknowledged their approach to Google+ is almost entirely geared toward boosting SEO. 

This guide will help you get the most out of Google+ without having to shirk all your other marketing responsibilities. And for those who are still skeptical, we’ll start the next section by exploring exactly how Google+ can boost SEO.

8 Simple Tips for Optimizing Your Google+ Page & Posts to Boost SEO

Feel free to flip through the tips in this SlideShare presentation in full screen, or read them in their entirety below.

The easiest and most effective thing you can do to get value out of your Google+ page is to regularly publish the great content you’re (hopefully) already creating to it. Remember: Sharing content to Google+ helps Google index more of your content faster, and ultimately gives it a greater chance of getting discovered by your prospects. That’s why our very first optimization tip is …

1) Publish to your Google+ page.

If you’re already creating and publishing content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, publish that content to your Google+ page, as well. HubSpot’s Social Inbox tool allows you to schedule and publish to all four channels individually or at once.

2) Claim your page’s custom, branded URL.

If you have your page set up and you've got more than 10 followers, a profile photo, and your page is older than 30 days, you can claim a custom URL that matches your brand, making your page easier to share and easier to discover.

3) Link your website to your Google+ page.

Link your Google+ page to your website to not only create an inbound link from Google+, but to allow your Google+ page to appear on the right hand side of search results (as shown in the Starbucks and Home Depot screenshots earlier).

4) Fill out your page’s “Links” section.

Every Google+ page gives you the opportunity to add links that are important to your business in the “Links” section under the About menu. Along with your website, include your blog, social profiles, and any page you want to drive traffic to.

5) Fill out your “story” -- your tagline and introduction.

The first 45-50 characters of your Google+ post becomes that post’s page title in Google’s search results, so craft that first line as if you’re writing a blog post title.

6) Optimize the first 45-50 characters of your posts.

The first 45-50 characters of your Google+ post becomes that post’s page title in Google’s search results, so craft that first line as if you’re writing a blog post title.

7) Don’t skimp on the visuals. Include photos, videos, or animated GIFs.

Like other social channels, Google+ is very visual. Unlike other social channels (besides Pinterest), though, Google+ supports animated GIFs as shown in this post. GIFs stand out among static images or videos that need to be clicked to play, giving you additional opportunity to grab a prospect’s attention.

8) Have your blog authors sign up for Google+ authorship.

When the contributors to your blog sign up for Google Authorship, their Google+ profile photos show up in search results next to articles they’ve written, which builds trust, establishes credibility, and improves your clickthrough rate.

Want to learn more? Download our complete guide, A Practical Guide to Improving SEO with Google+, to learn more about how exactly Google+ can enhance your SEO, and what types of content to create and share to the platform to drive new business.

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