With Over 300 Partners, HubSpot's Platform Is More Powerful Than Ever

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Scott Brinker
Scott Brinker


The way we use software is changing.

At HubSpot, we’ve observed a shift in how our customers orchestrate software and piece together their tech stack. We see changes in how they leverage the connections between their different applications to power their businesses. According to Blissfully’s 2019 SaaS trends report, the average business of 100-250 employees typically has 99 SaaS subscriptions.

As we move from an “all-in-one” suite into an “all-on-one” platform, we’re laser-focused on providing our customers the flexibility and autonomy to choose the integrations that work best for them.

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HubSpot's Integrations Ecosystem Is Growing

We’ve invested heavily in building a robust ecosystem of technology partners that customers can connect to their HubSpot instances. In 2019, we've already welcomed over 80 new integration partners to the HubSpot family.

PlatformRetro2019Q1_EcosystemHubSpot now integrates with 308 different technology companies across 15 categories, including lead generation, ecommerce, and calling. We aim to create an ecosystem where our customers will never have to choose between using their favorite app and using HubSpot. Each time we welcome a new partner, we get one step closer to that dream. 

Congratulations to our Fastest-Growing Integration Partners in Q1

Beginning with this post, once a quarter we’ll recognize the fastest-growing non-native apps in our ecosystem. We’ll include for consideration any apps that entered the integration partner program in the previous quarter (for this post, Q4 of 2018), and measure their standing by growth in the following quarter (Q1 of 2019).

We’re excited to announce that the following five apps were our fastest-growing in Q1 of 2019:

1. Outgrow



Outgrow enables marketers to create personalized content like highly converting calculators, viral quizzes, useful recommendations, chatbots, polls and assessments that add real value to the customer, enable new levels of customer engagement and generate useful data that you can use to qualify and segment leads.

Add Outgrow to your HubSpot instance here.

2. Survicate


Inbound marketers work to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business. Survicate brings another layer of insight to this process by allowing marketers to segment, nurture, and score leads based on survey responses -- including NPS, CSAT and website feedback surveys.

Add Survicate to your HubSpot instance here.

3. CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a project management tool and calendar designed specifically for marketers. With this integration, marketers can manage everything on their roadmap in one place, including HubSpot blogs, landing pages, and emails.

Add CoSchedule to your HubSpot instance here.

4. RingOver


RingOver is a cloud-based phone system that works directly in-browser. With RingOver, customers are able to make and receive unlimited calls without leaving HubSpot. The integration also powers automatic data entry in HubSpot of SMS conversations so sales teams won’t lose context in multichannel conversations.

Add RingOver to your HubSpot instance here.

5. RoboAuditor


RoboAuditor is an embeddable White Label SEO audit tool that helps marketers generate more on-site conversions to grow leads. Increase your website visitor-to-lead conversions without adding premium content like ebooks or white papers.

Add RoboAuditor to your HubSpot instance here.

Recapping Platform Partner Day

We recently hosted over 100 attendees from our top integration partners at HubSpot’s Cambridge headquarters for our annual Platform Partner Day. It’s an exclusive event full of education and networking opportunities designed to help our partners learn how to leverage HubSpot’s ecosystem to grow better, together by creating more value for our joint customers.

As HubSpot continues to grow its customer base worldwide, our goal is to drive deeper partner engagement with HubSpot by pulling back the curtain on opportunities for product integration and distribution, as well as by welcoming input and feedback from our partners on how we can better serve our joint customers.

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