Professional Invoice Samples: 10 Designs to Inspire You

Invoices and infographics may seem like two entirely different business materials, but they actually have one key thing in common: they both exist to convey information.

However, while infographics are known for employing colorful designs and data visualizations, invoices are typically pretty straightforward.

Of course, conveying important payment information in a clear and concise way is the name of the game - but that doesn't mean you can't add a little brand personality to them.Use the free HubSpot Invoice Template Generator to create professional  invoices in minutes.

To help you get a sense of the possibilities, we put together a collection of impressive invoice samples that may inspire you to rethink your current design.

10 of the Best Professional Invoice Samples

1) Pascale Dufour

Bold Invoice Sample

This bold invoice sample is perfect for brands that boast a playful personality. The friendly copy --"Hi! This is your invoice" -- catches your eye and helps to lead you through the statement.

Not to mention, the color choices on the taxes, deductions, and totals line creates just enough contrast to ensure you can't miss the end amount.

2) Fabio Basile

Double Invoice Sample

Business in the front. Party in the back.

This double-sided invoice sample offers an interesting twist on an otherwise standard design.

We especially love the "handcrafted for" language on the design side, which side helps to make the customer feel valued by the business they've worked with.

3) Cookie

Illustrated Invoice Sample

This simple color scheme and functional layout join forces to create an organized invoice with all of the important details defined.

The small illustration towards the bottom shows personality while also drawing your eye toward a key piece of information: the grand total.

4) JPWTemplates

Photography Invoice Sample

This is a more specific invoice sample, focused on billing for services -- in this case: photography.

This invoice uses an actual photograph in the header to highlight the quality of their services. This is a clever idea that can be leveraged for multiple services such as graphic design, illustration, interior design, and so on.

If you want to further personalize your invoice, you can use a photo or design from the customer's specific project to give it a custom look and feel.

5) Classic Designs

Red Invoice Sample

Here's an example of a straightforward invoice design that clearly details all of the important invoice criteria -- contact information, itemized purchases, payment information, and so on.

The design leverages pops of red to call out key pieces of information to make the statement feel less overwhelming.

6) Bold Stationary

Basic Invoice Sample

This invoice sample uses a split design to divide contact information and payment information. This approach is free of any distractions or fancy elements, yet it still feels intentionally designed.

If your business is a bit more traditional, this sample serves as a great guide.

7) Anabella Hope

Image Invoice Sample

If the product or service you sell is visual, you have the option to include a photo alongside each line item on your invoice. This invoice sample from Anabella Hope serves as a great example of how to do this in a really effective way.

If you want to give this a try, stick to images that are simple and consistent to provide visual context without distracting the customer from the written payment information.

8) Graeme Duckett

White Invoice Sample

This invoice sample offers a bit of extra space under each line item for the business to add details about the service.

This added context could help to provide greater clarity and reduce confusion when services are a bit more involved.

9) Canva

Margin Invoice Sample

Want to incorporate a visual element without taking up too much space on your invoice?

This clever sample takes advantage of the left margin to introduce a little pop of color, while the right side of the page is reserved for important invoice details.

10) Novomatic

Yellow Invoice Sample

This invoice sample uses various shades of yellow to chunk out different parts of the invoices into digestible sections.

This invoice also leverages the footer of the statement to point customers towards the company's social media channels as a way to offer a lasting connection.

Need Help Designing an Invoice?

We've got you covered. Check out the new HubSpot Invoice Template Generator to create a professional invoice PDF in just a few clicks. The generator offers a ton of customizable elements, so you can be sure the design meets your exact business needs.

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