Social Media Platforms Marketers Should Watch in 2023

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When you visit the App Store or Google Play and search "social media," there are hundreds of apps to choose from. But, as the pool of social platforms grows, will any of them really change the game for marketers this year?

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In our Social Media Trends Survey, we asked 1,000+ social media marketers about the social media platforms they'll use in 2023, and we've compiled the data for you to discover. You can also listen below. 

2023 Social Media Trends

The hottest social media trends in 2023 are short-form video and live streaming. Short-form video was also the top format social media marketers use, and it has the highest ROI.

This isn’t a surprise, as platforms like TikTok are only growing in popularity as time goes on. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram allow creators to have more control of their content, create new media adorned with special effects, and leverage different channels to diversify traffic.

Understanding what other marketers are doing and leveraging social media trends early on gives you the time to pick up on what works, setting you ahead of competitors that wait to see how a format works and performs before using it themselves.

To help you stay on the cutting edge of social media, we’ve compiled a list of key platforms and features you should have on your radar this year — they’ve all jumped in usage and user base.

Social Media Platforms Marketers Should Watch in 2023

Social media platform usage among social media marketers in the U.S. changed from 2021 to 2022. Specifically, the use of Instagram (+35% YoY), TikTok (+15% YoY), and Facebook (+12% YoY).

graph displaying usage of social media platforms by marketers1. Instagram

Instagram is the platform social media marketers expect to grow the most in 2023, and they say it has the most accurate algorithm and offers brands the best potential to grow their audience.

graph displaying the social media platforms with biggest potential to grow in 2023Instagram will also grow with first-time users, with 36% of social media marketers not using it yet planning to try it out in 2023.

Increased investments in Instagram are in line with the trend of social selling, as marketers say the app offers the best ROI for selling products directly on an app, and consumers say it has the best in-app shopping experience.


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New Data

The State of Social Media in 2023

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2. TikTok

As mentioned, short-form video is one of the most popular, top-performing, and highest ROI trends. Given this, it’s no surprise that TikTok usage has increased YoY as it caters to short-form videos. Marketers reported that TikTok offers the second-highest potential to grow audiences in 2023.

TikTok is a great platform for reaching Gen Z, as our consumer trends survey found that 62% of the generation uses TikTok, and it’s also the platform it spends the most time on.

graph displaying the social media platform gen z uses most3. Facebook

Data shows that Facebook usage significantly increased in 2022, so it’s worth watching in 2023. Especially so given that the top trend for 2023 is investing in social media communities, and Facebook is the best platform for doing so.

graph displaying social media platforms best for building community4. Live Audio Platforms

Live audio chat rooms are the media format gaining the most steam in 2023, and 23% of marketers are planning to leverage them for the first time this year. Among social media marketers as a whole, Facebook Live Audio is the most popular platform (12% say they’ve invested in it).

graph displaying social media platforms for live audioFacebook Live Audio is also the most popular live audio platform leveraged by social media marketers who already use live audio, followed by Twitter Spaces.

graph displaying social media platforms for live audioThis makes sense, as 80% of Gen Z consumers, a demographic steadily growing into its purchasing power, enjoy audio content because they can express their individuality and explore different sides of their personalities.

What Platforms Are Losing Steam?

According to the data, the platform with the most significant drop in usage is Twitter, with a -17% YoY change. Twitch has fallen in use, too (-30% YoY), but it had the second-lowest investment among social media marketers in 2021.

Platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces rose in popularity in 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic, but they have slowed in their growth and usage as other live audio platforms have grown.

For example, Clubhouse was one of the top emerging platforms/features that social media marketers noted investing in in our 2022 Social Media Trends Report, but the 2023 report found that, among all social media marketers, Clubhouse is 5th on the list in terms of investments.

How To Determine Which Social Media Platforms Are Worth the Investment

Marketers determine which social media platforms are worth investing in based on their potential for lead generation, audience reach, and the potential to drive traffic to your website.

graph displaying social media platforms marketers interested in investing in

A platform's potential for building an active social media community around a brand is high on the list this year, which aligns with 90% of social media marketers saying that building an active social media community is crucial to a successful strategy in 2023.

Should you follow the social media trends of 2023?

Consumer behavior changes quickly in the digital space, and businesses that adapt to social media trends can see success.

If you keep an eye on this kind of marketing research and tailor it to your target audience, you can craft a stellar social media plan that drives awareness and shows your brand in a creative light.

Remember, every trend won’t work to achieve your goals, so don’t venture into this new social media landscape without the most up-to-date data.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in July 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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