Yes, Pinterest might be the fourth largest traffic driver in the world ... but it's still a pretty challenging network to use for most companies, especially for those in the B2B sector.

Maybe you've claimed your company's Pinterest profile and added a board or two with a few pins. Or maybe you haven't even dipped your toe into the network yet. Or maybe, the last three sentences you just read were nonsense to you because you're rocking Pinterest all day long.Free Resource: 12 Pinterest Templates for BusinessRegardless of whether you're a Pinterest pro or an excited newbie, this blog post has got something to help you do your job better. It's always good to see what your inbound marketing peers are up to so you can improve your own marketing -- so here are 13 of our favorite pinboard ideas to inspire your own Pinterest marketing.

1) Lowe's: Build It!

On Lowe's Build It! Pinterest board, the home improvement company features barely any of its own content ... and that's a good thing. Instead, Lowe's pins DIY projects from external bloggers -- all which can be made from products purchased at Lowe's. We chose this board because Lowe's perfectly balances promoting its own products while simultaneously engaging its blogger community. 

2) Petplan Insurance: Breed All About It -- Dogs

We love this Pinterest board because it's a perfect combination of original, educational, and visual content -- all while featuring adorable dogs. Each pin is perfectly optimized as well -- a simple, engaging image; a longer, descriptive caption; and a link to more educational content on Petplan Insurance's site. Kudos to this insurance company for making the most of a visual social network!

3) WSJ: WSJ Graphics

With "the death of journalism" supposedly on the horizon (can you tell I'm not buying it?), media companies are getting creative with visual content -- and The Wall Street Journal is no exception. On this Pinterest board, the media company has some awesome original graphics that could help increase readership if shared with the right audience -- and Pinterest is the perfect place to compile them. The only thing WSJ could have done better is if it included proper links to articles in each pin. Right now, each pin leads to you TweetDeck ... which is probably not the best strategy for WSJ.

4) Benjamin Moore: doors!

For most companies, pinning your product directly isn't going to work. And Benjamin Moore, a paint retailer, definitely has that problem, too. Who wants to look at cans of paint all day? Definitely not me. On this board, Benjamin Moore was able to feature its product in pins while also creating a board around something people actually want to see more about -- door paint colors. Bonus: Benjamin Moore features content from all over the web, spreading the content wealth and building its own brand at the same time. 

5) GE: That's Genius!

We've said it before and we'll say it again: B2C companies don't have to have all the fun on Pinterest. GE is one of those consistently stellar examples of a B2B company with fabulous visual content. And this board proves that point once again. Featuring quotes from Thomas Edison (the founder of GE), the pins use typography to make engaging visuals. We love the creativity -- definitely something even the most design-averse marketers could create for their Pinterest accounts. (Tip: If you're one of those marketers, here's a free template to help you create visual quotes for social media.)

6) Etsy: Guest Pinner -- Random House

Ever since Pinterest introduced group boards, I've been trying to find examples that didn't feel spammy. Often, people will create a group board, invite as many people to it as possible to pin, and pin the living daylights out of their content so they can get clicks. Ugh. 

But I was very excited when I found this group board between Etsy and Random House. Etsy invited Random House as a "Guest Pinner" one week. Random House then shared its favorite literary-themed Etsy products on the board. While the pins themselves are all pretty cool (and Rich!), I was most impressed by the brand partnership itself between visual and non-visual companies. How could you partner with another company on Pinterest?

7) Amerifirst Home Mortgage: Zombie Home Buyers 

In yesterday's post on the importance of helpful content, Dan Moyle mentioned an idea for fun content for a "boring industry": a guide for zombie first-time home buyers. Well, after some research, we found that this idea wasn't so fictional after all -- Dan's team put together a Pinterest board all about it! This was such a creative idea for visual B2B content that we had to share it with you:

8) Sephora: Nailspotting

The only thing that could trump helpful content is helpful content from users themselves. Sephora does just that on its board called Nailspotting. Featuring nail design photos from Sephora community members, this board has one feature that WSJ should have included: links in each pin to Sephora products featured in the pin's photo. This board is a great mesh between empowering the community, helping Pinterest users, and promoting Sephora products. 

9) AMD Processors: Computer Workstations

Last, but certainly not least, here is another example of a B2B company successfully embracing visual content that people feel pretty passionate about. Whether it's a two-screen command center in your man cave or whatever comfortable position you can find on the couch, most people have an ideal computer setup -- but are constantly looking to improve the setup they have. The best part of this board is that it caters to one persona -- those who care about their computer setup -- but still addresses a variety of interests.

10) Honda: Caitlin's Pintermission

One of the biggest complaints about Pinterest is that lots of DIY activities you pin never actually get done. Honda tried to change all that with a recent campaign. In the campaign, Honda gave some avid pinners $500 to actually do something they pinned before. Then, these avid pinners were invited to document their adventure on a group board on Honda's profile -- and below is the result. Like we said before, helpful, user-generated content rocks on Pinterest.

What are your favorite Pinterest boards from brands? Share your favorites with us in the comments. 

Image credit: Upupa4me

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