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Everything You Need to Know about Social Media Monitoring

12 Free Social Media and Brand Monitoring Tools We Love (and Why)

Reputation is everything. And on the internet, that couldn't be more true. It's important to always know what people are saying about you -- whether it's your customers, your competitors, or the...Read more

10 Time-Saving Tools for Managing Your Social Media Following

Keeping up with emerging social media networks is challenging. It's easy to feel like you're spreading yourself thin. That said, maintaining a healthy social media following on all of your networks...Read more

How to Monitor Social Media in Only 10 Minutes a Day [Free Ebook]

If you’re a social media manager, salesperson, customer support rep, or executive, you’ve likely experienced social media overload or exhaustion. Each and every one of these roles requires busy...Read more

Someone Mentioned You on Social Media. Should You Respond? [Flowchart]

When you're first getting started out on a social network, it seems absurd not to respond to anyone who tweets at you, good or bad. You've been told time and time again that responding to...Read more

A Busy Sales Executive's Guide to Effective Social Monitoring

I talk to sales executives a lot via networking. More often than not, my discussions with them pertain to best practices. One best practice I like to bring up is social media monitoring, which, to...Read more

Would You Spend $1,000 to Complain About Poor Service? This Guy Did

We’ve all heard that social media has empowered customers. But earlier this week one person took that empowerment to a whole new level. Hasan Syed was a passenger on British Airways. The airline lost...Read more

How to Transform Your Social Media Connections Into Real-Life Relationships

Building relationships in social media isn't easy. It isn't second nature, and it takes a ton of time. But if done right, solid social media relationships can be very helpful in developing and...Read more

What a Real Relationship in Social Media Should Look Like [INFOGRAPHIC]

The promise of social media was once "one-to-one engagement" and "relationship building" ... but somehow "building a relationship" in social media has morphed into blasting messages at as many people...Read more

Why I Made Our CEO Pay $600 to Monitor Social Media For a Day

On December 19th, 2012, HubSpot held its annual charity auction during which HubSpotters offer up skills, items, and assets others might want to pay money for. People were offering up Celtics...Read more

8 Creative Social Media Tactics to Conquer Local Competitors

Local businesses can learn a lot from the social media marketing strategies of large, national, or international businesses. But one of the reasons consumers love social media is for the personal...Read more

How to Evaluate and Compare Social Media Tools

What is wrong with this question? I am evaluating Meltwater, HubSpot and CoTweet.  Which one should I choose? The question makes the incorrect assumption that the three...Read more