The Top Brands on Threads & How They Gained Followers So Quickly

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Erica Santiago
Erica Santiago


Since launching in July, Threads has accumulated 120 million users. Among those users are brands using the platform to connect with their audience and boost brand awareness.

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After just a month, some brands have gained hundreds of thousands — even a million — followers.

So, what are the top brands on threads, and how did they grow their platform so quickly? Here's a breakdown of some of the highest-performing brands on Threads and how they keep consumers on the app engaged.

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Top Brands on Threads

The following brands have amassed a huge following on Threads. Here's what they do and why it works.

1. Marvel Entertainment

Follower count: 4.5 million

Many creators and brands use Threads as a second Twitter by often posting their Twitter content to the Meta app.

However, Marvel's approach to Threads is different. On Twitter (now rebranded to X), Marvel mostly reposts content from other Marvel properties, such as the official Thor or Spider-Man pages.

In contrast, Marvel doesn't typically repost content on Threads. Instead, the company takes a more personal and humanized approach. Marvel posts heartfelt scenes from comics, candid clips of Marvel fans at comic conventions, and behind-the-scenes moments of its many franchises.


2. CNN

Follower Count: 1.8 million

CNN heavily relies on videos and graphics to make its content stand out on Threads. For example, the news channel posted a large graphic of Taylor Swift to accompany its article about her latest album announcement.

The organization posted helicopter footage of the Hawaiie wildfires to highlight the devastation. It also posted a graphic of Pedro Pascal and an article about the actor's visit to a small English town.


3. Google

Follower count: 1.2 million

Like CNN, Google uses eye-catching graphics and videos to make its content pop on Threads.

The company also uses a conversational tone when engaging with its followers, speaking in short sentences, using emojis, and making light-hearted jokes.

To boost engagement, Google also asks questions and uses call-to-actions.


4. Star Wars

Follower count: 1 million

Star Wars is one of the industry‘s longest-running and most popular entertainment franchises, so it’s no surprise the brand gained 1 million followers within weeks of joining Threads.

What makes Star Wars stand out on the platform is its unique tone.

In its Threads posts, Star Wars uses dry humor and a sarcastic tone of voice, which followers enjoy.

Star Wars also interacts with other Threads users and brands using its signature deadpan humor and short (but hilarious) sentences.


5. TikTok

Follower count: 890K

Social media app TikTok is on Threads! Who would have thought?

To make its Threads content stand out, TikTok uses relatable humor and constantly references popular memes, sayings, and videos from its own platform.


6. Forever 21

Follower count: 543K

Fashion retailer Forever 21 connects with its audience on Threads by posting relatable, relevant, and funny content.

For example, it's back-to-school season for many consumers, so the company shared a relatable post about promoting its back-to-school deals.


7. Crunchyroll

Follower count: 418K

Anime streaming service Crunchyroll grows its audience by sharing moments, quotes, and images from popular series licensed to its platform. Crunchyroll also reposts content from its other licensed properties on Threads.


8. Wendy's

Follower count: 277K

Wendy‘s takes a humorous approach to Threads by sharing memes and engaging with accounts tagging the company.

Humor can go far on Threads and relevant memes show your audience that you’re always aware of what consumers are talking about.

Final Takeaways

As you can see, each brand on our list has its own brand voice, sense of humor, and way of making its content pop. Though it'll likely take some experimenting to grow your audience Threads, there are some methods you can try on your own:

  • Create a unique and relatable brand voice.
  • Use humor.
  • Leverage video, graphics, and photos.
  • Reply to and repost other Threads users.

Now that you have some inspiration, you're ready to give Threads a try.

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