Before & After: Turning Mediocre Design Into Effective Visual Communication

Ross Crooks
Ross Crooks



light-bulb-pictureVisual content is an essential part of the marketing mix -- for good reason. The human brain is pre-wired to process visuals quicker and more efficiently than text alone, which makes visual content an incredibly powerful tool for marketers. With this medium, you can deliver information in a format that's appealing, engaging, and memorable, forging genuine connections between audience and brand.

Not only does visual content provide value to your audience, it also helps preserve and promote your brand identity. Every piece of content you produce is a reflection of your brand and is judged accordingly. Maintaining a cohesive visual identity helps consumers instantly recognize your brand, which is vital to in today’s crowded media landscape.

But your visual content is nothing without good design. No matter how great your message is, no matter how fascinating your report findings, a poorly designed piece of content won’t make much of an impact. Cluttered layouts and confusing imagery can weaken your message. Worse, an incorrect data visualization can deliver the wrong message. In short, bad design can hurt your content and your reputation.

The best way to avoid this is to ensure everything you produce follows best design practices. Whether you’re relying on an in-house designer or outsourcing to a freelancer, following these 10 tips will ensure you’re producing the best visual content possible. For more tips on creating effective visual content, check out Visage's free ebook, A Business Guide to Visual Communication.


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What other tips do you have for improving the look of your visual content? Share your design knowledge in the comments!

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