Why Do People Buy? Top 10 Factors That Influence Purchase Decision

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Anum Hussain
Anum Hussain



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There's a lot of talk around the changing sales and online marketing landscape. But this evolution is driven by one important factor: the customer.

The way people buy products and services online has dramatically changed over the years -- and these days, the customer has more power than ever. To understand more about what influences today's customer, the folks at BigCommerce analyzed a range of ecommerce sites to give us a broader understanding of what people value when shopping online.

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While these findings may be specific to online ecommerce shops, we believe there's some valuables lessons here for all business types. Take a look, and keep reading below for some tweetable takeaways.


Why People Buy: 8 Important Takeaways

1) The top factor driving purchasing decision (56%) is product quality. [Tweet This Stat]

2) The most important store features driving purchasing decision (80%) is competitive pricing. [Tweet This Stat]

3) 62% of shoppers research big-ticket items in-store before buying online. [Tweet This Stat]

4) 9 out of 10 say they watch videos about the tech products they may buy. [Tweet This Stat]

5) 54% of shoppers are smartphone owners, and 76% of smartphone owners use them while shopping. [Tweet This Stat]

6) 81% say posts from their friends directly influenced their purchasing decision. [Tweet This Stat]

7) 30% are most likely to respond to brand offers when they have been reposted by a friend. [Tweet This Stat]

8) 44% of people are most likely to engage with branded content that contains pictures; video content is close behind at 40%. [Tweet This Stat]

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