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    How to Get Your Sales Team to Actually Use CRM Software

    By Leslie Ye


    You’ve decided you need CRM software. Today’s the day you begin tracking prospect interactions, logging deal data, and leveraging that information to sell more, better, and faster.

    Or not. What if six months go by, and only a fraction of your team regularly enters information in the system? What if the money you spent goes to waste?

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    10 Ways to Network Like a Pro

    By Katie Burke

    Editor's note: This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Marketing Blog. For more content like this, subscribe to Marketing. 

    My second job out of college was with an incredible startup political agency called the Glover Park Group. It's now a much larger and more successful agency, but at the time it was just a tiny company with a huge vision.

    I got the job because a woman my mother used to babysit for growing up was friends with one of the partners of the firm in New York.

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    12 Sneaky Psychological Biases That Affect How You Sell

    By Mike Renahan

    Have you ever seen a basketball team abruptly go ice-cold during a game? Out of nowhere, they’ve missed 13 straight shots and are down by 20 points. As the team heads down the floor for their next possession, you think to yourself, “This time they have to score. They’re due.”

    In reality, the team isn’t more likely to make the next basket if they’ve missed the last 13. You’ve just succumbed to gambler’s fallacy: Thinking things in life will average out.

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    5 Ways You're Wasting Precious Inbound Leads

    By Brandon Redlinger

    There’s a lot of great information out there on how to create an inbound marketing machine. Entire businesses were built on inbound marketing, HubSpot being a prime example.

    But what happens after a lead comes inbound? It’s a topic worth exploring more, especially since the rules of sales development are rapidly transforming.

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    7 Tips to Keep Your Sales Process Real and Really Effective

    By Aaron Ross

    What’s one thing people like Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson have in common? They are examples of people who are superb at selling.

    "Selling” isn’t just for salespeople. To define your destiny, to accomplish anything in work or life, you need to know how to sell. To sell yourself, your ideas, or your stuff.

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    13 Crucial Things All Great Sales Leaders Do [SlideShare]

    By Emma Snider

    One of the best things about being the leader is that no one can tell you how to run your team. You're free to pursue your vision and put the necessary processes and people in place to achieve it.

    But as any new sales leader knows, this autonomy and freedom to determine strategy is also one of the worst things about a leadership position.

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    Sales Prospecting in 2016: 9 Tips for Effective Warm Calling

    By Dan Tyre

    In 2016, salespeople need to change the way they approach prospecting.

    First, work your inbound leads. Let your marketing team work the top of the funnel. You don’t have to call all the leads who are just looking for information or education -- those leads need to be nurtured, and Marketing is the right team to do it.

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    3 Sales Techniques That Separate Good Reps From Great Reps

    By Hunter Madeley

    Sales is a unique profession in that foundational sales techniques are transferrable regardless of your specific situation. It doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in, or what product or service you’re selling -- the core elements ring true.

    In my experience, there are three sales techniques that are most important, and these separate good sales reps from great sales reps.

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    11 Strategies to Work Smarter, Not Harder

    By Lindsay Kolowich


    "Work smarter, not harder."

    Chances are, you've heard this phrase before -- and probably more than once. The philosophy behind working "smart" is to maximize your productivity when you are working so that you can get more stuff done in shorter periods of time. By working smarter, you'll find yourself with more time in the day to sleep, exercise, be creative, and recharge.

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    How to Develop and Lead an Autonomous Team [SlideShare]

    By Mike Renahan

    Few moments excite managers more than seeing direct reports branch out of their day-to-day responsibilities, expand their skillset, and contribute to the team’s mission in new ways.

    But while watching a team member branch out is rewarding, developing and leading an autonomous team can be a challenge for managers. How do you teach an employee to shape their own career without losing their drive to achieve the team’s overall mission?

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    What Motivates Best-in-Class B2B Sellers? You'll Be Surprised.

    By Peter Ostrow

    The age-old alignment of motivation and behavior in professional sales management has never strayed far from a reliance on cold, hard cash. “Pay for play” remains a universal standard, but surprising new research from Aberdeen points to the need to augment simplistic approaches to sales performance management with more nuance.

    References to steak knives may be getting old, but they still matter: Plenty of sales leaders still don’t get it.

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    How to Craft a LinkedIn InMail That Gets Results

    By Nataly Kelly

    I’ll admit it. I love LinkedIn. It’s one of the few places online where I feel mostly shielded from unwanted interactions. On the flip side, most of us are on LinkedIn to make connections that will help us to advance the goals of our companies, and of course, to improve our own careers.

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    Sink or Swim: 7 Lessons Reps Need to Learn to Survive in Inbound Sales

    By Dan Tyre

    In 1974, I started my sales career selling books door to door. (I sound like your grandfather, don’t I? Does that job even still exist?)

    I got my first professional sales job in 1982 selling computers in Boston. Over the next 25 years, I started and led field and inside sales teams, marketing organizations, and account management and services divisions in virtually every market in the US and Canada.

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    5 Tried-and-True Networking Openers for Business Events

    By Bill Cates

    I’m not a shy person. In fact, every week I deliver speeches to groups of 10 to 10,000 people. But when it comes to networking events -- mingling with people I don’t know -- I become painfully reserved. Many of you can probably relate.

    Being able to have a conversation with a perfect stranger will boost your confidence and increase your chances of making your networking time well spent.

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    3 Fundamental Sales Books Every New Salesperson Should Read

    By Pete Caputa

    At HubSpot, like at many organizations, we’ve built our own sales talent. We hire new graduates into business development representative roles (BDR) which we often then promote to account executives (AE), usually after 18-24 months in the role. Even when we hire AEs from outside of the organization, they usually only have just two to three years of work experience -- sometimes not even in sales.

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    4 Ways You’re Closing Your Sales Calls Wrong

    By Mike Renahan

    Reps reach out to folks in their pipeline every day as they try to create connections with potentially great fit buyers. And this means salespeople are often hunting for the best way to start a conversation with a potential buyer.

    But with so much emphasis on starting the conversation, salespeople can sometimes forget the other side of the equation.

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    How to Stamp Out an Anti-Sales Culture at Your Organization

    By Mike Weinberg

    Sales is a unique type of job. To do it successfully, you have to want to sell. Think about that statement for a minute. A salesperson has to want to sell. There is no way to effectively prospect for new business or penetrate a challenging existing customer if your heart is not in it.

    A miserable salesperson cannot represent her company, her solution, or herself well. If her heart is not engaged, she won’t fight to get in.

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    3 Sales Closing Techniques, and Why They Work

    By Adam Wiggins

    Closing is a make-or-break moment in sales. The final verdict that determines whether or not your efforts will amount to anything at all.

    It’s natural to feel apprehensive about it at first. However, without that feeling of danger, successfully closing a sale wouldn't be so thrilling -- a feeling that drives salespeople to continually strive for more.

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    3 Handy Sales Phrases to Use When Your Buyer Asks About the Competition

    By Adam Honig

    You’re in the middle of a great meeting with your prospect and things are on the right track ... and then they ask the question you’ve been dreading: “What’s your take on your competitor?”

    Yikes! Thar be monsters, booby traps, and loaded questions – but, it’s really not something to fear. This is an open invitation to paint yourself as the right solution.

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    5 Ways Qualified Prospects Fall Through The Cracks

    By Mike Renahan

    Ask any writer and they’ll likely agree: Occasionally you miss a mistake when editing.

    No matter how much time and effort you put into reviewing a post, odds are something is going to fall through the cracks. Maybe a word was spelled incorrectly, or a comma was used improperly. Either way, the most experienced editors and writers can still make mistakes.

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    4 Essential Metrics to Track in Your CRM System

    By Leslie Ye

    According to HubSpot’s 2015-2016 State of Inbound Sales report, 76% of sales teams use a CRM system. This shouldnt be a surprise. A CRM system makes it easier for sales leaders to assess team performance, and easier for reps to record information about their prospects. Manipulated correctly, the data stored in a CRM system provides insight into a multitude of operational and performance challenges.

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    10 Strategies to Get Really Busy Prospects to Read Your Emails

    By Ryan Robinson

    Editor's note: This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Marketing Blog. For more content like this, subscribe to Marketing.

    When you work in sales, establishing partnerships and building meaningful relationships with prospects is an essential part of the job.

    At CreativeLive, I'm constantly seeking out new business leaders to introduce to our audience. For me, this translates into a high volume of emails to people who are extremely busy.

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    7 Strategies to Handle Tough Prospect Questions During Presentations

    By Carly Stec

    Editor's note: This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Marketing Blog. For more content like this, subscribe to Marketing.

    If you've ever given a demo or a sales presentation in front of an audience -- big or small -- it's likely that you're familiar with "Q&A paranoia."

    It's not that you don't want to answer your prospects' questions -- heck, you're the expert -- but not knowing what to expect can be a little stressful. 

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