You know what gets discouraging? Sending out emails, but not receiving any responses. At all.

So how do you send a networking email that people will actually respond to?

Writing an effective networking email that gets results takes more effort than simply typing up a few sentences in a "compose" window.

Brian Balfour, VP of Growth for Sidekick, receives hundreds of networking emails, but he responds to only a fifth of them. Now he’s sharing his tips to write an email that stands out amidst a flooding inbox.

According to Brian, there’s a simple five-step framework to writing a networking email that even the busiest of people can’t ignore.

Click through the presentation below to dive into his steps so you can get your networking hustle on.

"Email is still the predominant channel to build new relationships." [tweet this!]

"Make your name look familiar to someone before you email them." [tweet this!]

"When sending a cold email, size matters. Keep it short." [tweet this!]

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Originally published Sep 2, 2015 12:00:00 PM, updated June 10 2021


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