You know what I love? When I'm awoken from my slumber at 5:00 AM by a cold call. For context, I typically wake up around seven, so hearing my phone scream at me at five is more than unpleasant. 

Over the next 24 hours, I continued to receive constant phone harrassment, as you can see in the screenshot of my missed calls to the right. 

Along the way, this cold caller finally left a voicemail:

"Our product is rated  among the best by all our customers. Click 1 to purchase today?"

I'm sorry, what *IS* your product? How do you expect me to purchase ... something ... without even knowing what it is? 

Perhaps I'm too naive for this cold world, but I didn't realize such horrific cold calling still existed, which is why I never took measures such as adding myself to the national "do not call" list. 

The national do not call list is for anyone in the United States who would like to remove their number from receiving telemarketing calls. While the set up is pretty intuitive, I wanted to list out the steps here for anyone who may need it. I seriously recommend doing so -- these creepers are attacking our personal smartphones now, too!

How To Add Your Phone Number To The National "Do Not Call" List

1) Navigate to the Federal Trade Commission website.

On the registry page of the FTC website, type the phone numbers you'd like added (you can add up to three at a time). You'll need to include your email for confirmation as well before hitting submit. 


2) Register by clicking the first button.

I know it sounds straightforward, but as a digital native, when I'm presented with two options, I'm used to seeing the second as the "confrim" option. But of course the FTC website isn't up to millennial speed, so be sure you click the "submit" button on the left of the two options.


3) Confirm your number.

The FTC will send you an email confirmation link. After clicking that link, you should be good to go. 

Still getting telemarketing calls? Turns out all businesses have to be FTC compliant, so if you ever receive a cold call after adding yourself to the list, just answer with, "I'm on the national do not call list."

The cold caller will almost instantly hang up in fear. And at that point, you get to leave the conversation yelling, "I've got the power!"

Or maybe not. But at least you won't be called by the cold callers of the world giving sales a bad name. Here are several cold calling alternatives for generating leads.

Have you been cold called this poorly? Share your stories below so we can all rage together.

Originally published Mar 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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