How & When to Use an AI Email Assistant [+Tools to Consider]

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Zoe Ashbridge
Zoe Ashbridge


AI email assistants are here to help you manage your emails and drastically reduce time spent in the inbox. Can I get a hallelujah?

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Emails are essential in business, but we can all agree that email management is a time suck. Plus, with 347.3 billion emails sent daily, it’s fair to say that not all are important. Emails take up a lot of unnecessary time.

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about AI email assistants, from what they are to when to use one and all the tools we love.

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In this article:

What is an AI email assistant?

An AI email assistant is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you manage emails. Email assistants can help with generating email marketing campaigns and sending emails.

AI email assistants can also support your day-to-day email management with subject and body ideation and content generation. AI can even help you tidy historic emails and sort through that overwhelming unread inbox.

Benefits of Using an AI Email Assistant

If you’re new to AI email assistants, you’ll be amazed by the time you could save. Here are just some of the benefits.

Email Management

I don’t know about you, but removing emails I don’t want stored in my inbox is one of the most tiresome jobs. AI email assistants can analyze emails with common trends — like emails from social media, for example — and mass delete them.

This will save you time and memory on your devices. Good email management also reduces your carbon footprint.

Saving Time

Whether it’s managing day-to-day emails or getting past writer's block, AI email assistants can support you. Instead of sitting at a PC thinking about how you’re going to write your next email, you can provide a prompt to AI, and it’ll do the rest for you.

Striking the Right Tone

Instead of reading your email over and over, you can use AI email assistants to help get the tone of your email just right.

Whether you need something friendly, professional, witty, heartfelt, or educational, AI email assistants can help you. Don’t worry. Your email will still sound like it’s from you, as the assistant will use your initial email as a starting point.

Increasing CTR on Marketing Emails

If you’re not sending email marketing campaigns with an A/B split test on subject lines, you’re missing out. AI email assistants make this easier than ever. The assistant can generate subject lines for you. Use the power to increase your open and click-through rates.

Sending Emails at the Perfect Time

AI harbors more data than we could ever imagine, and the more you use AI, the better the output becomes.

Save yourself from manually picking through data to find the best time to send an email, and use AI instead. AI can analyze data and make executive marketing decisions based on desirable actions from previous emails, such as open rates and clicks.

Some tools take emails one step further, sending emails at different times to each contact.

When to Use an AI Email Assistant

AI email assistants are best used to aid the email process. Use AI to “outsource” tedious tasks where human intervention produces no major benefit.

It’s important to have human eyes on most projects that leverage AI, even if that’s just checking the work and editing content. Remember, AI doesn’t know your brand or customers quite like you do, and it can’t support when emails need to be highly personalized.

However you choose to use AI, it will certainly have a time-saving benefit.

AI Email Assistant Tools

The tools you choose will depend on your goals, but here are seven of our favorites, what each tool does best, and what we like about them.

1. HubSpot’s Content Assistant

ai email assistant, content assistant

Get started with HubSpot content assistant today.

  • Price: Available on free accounts and up
  • Best for: Content ideation, generation, and sharing
  • What we like: Content Assistant takes the heavy lifting out of content creation, saving time with its data-driven recommendations.

Content assistant is a suite of AI tools from HubSpot that integrates with the tools you already use. That includes leveling up your emails with AI. This software can end writer’s block and generate content from prompts. Just describe what you want to say, and the AI will write the rest.

You can also use content assistant to perfect the tone of your message. If you already have something written, the tool can help you make the right tweaks to match your desired tone. You can rewrite the same message for both a formal audience and those you’re already friendly with.

Check out content assistant, and start sharing content at record speed.

2. Encharge’s Free Email Subject Line Generator

Screenshot of Encharge’s Free Email Subject Line Generator shows how it works, an example of AI-assisted subject lines.

Image Source

  • Price: Free, and no account required
  • Best for: Ideation for email subject lines
  • What we like: It’s a fast track to generating email subject lines.

Encharge’s Free Email Subject Line Generator requires you to visit their website to use it, taking you out of your current interface. However, this free tool is great, especially when experimenting with AI capabilities.

This AI tool will generate email subject lines based on the information you provide. Simply input your email topic, your company name, and choose a tone from 21 options. The tool will generate 14 subject line options in less than three seconds.

This can be really helpful in increasing open rates, as 35% of recipients open emails based on their subject lines alone.

3. ChatSpot’s CRM Interaction

AI email assistant, HubSpot’s ChatSpot tool for content generation.

  • Price: Available on HubSpot CRM, free on all accounts
  • Best for: Eliminating tedious tasks
  • What we like: In a prompt or two, ChatSpot performs tasks (like sending emails) or pulls data (like creating custom reports).

ChatSpot uses chat-based commands to interact with your HubSpot CRM. Instead of searching your CRM for information, you can simply ask for it in plain English. Then, ChatSpot will fast-track you to the result — that report you wanted.

You can use ChatSpot to save time in your CRM. If your C-suite needs a summary of what’s going on with a certain campaign, just ask ChatSpot and forward the response.

ChatSpot will eliminate tedious tasks, save time, and shorten onboarding times for new staff since everything is infinitely easier to find with ChatSpot.

You can also use ChatSpot to guide your emails. You can craft messages based on how frequently your prospect or customer interacts with your business.

4. Plicca’s Faster Email Management

AI email assistant — Plicca’s homepage clearly states how they can help their users. The hero says, ‘Manage your email inbox more effectively.’

Image Source

  • Price: From $15 per user a month
  • Best for: Inbox management
  • What we like: Plicca saves time by sending alerts for when you actually need to check your inbox.

One of Plicca’s email solutions aims to save you time when it comes to email management, taking emails from distracting to productive.

Plicca’s features include email notifications for those emails that are actually important, so you’re not checking your email for low-importance, non-urgent emails. Plus, you can set up notifications on emails you may not need to reply to (those in cc, for example).

Plicca will integrate with your email client, so you don’t need a separate app to manage emails, keeping you busy in one interface.

5. Seventh Sense’s Scheduling By Recipient

 Screenshot from Seventh Sense’s dashboard showing how AI has generated a contact engagement heatmap.

Image Source

  • Price: From $64 per month
  • Best for: Altering email scheduling times by recipient
  • What we like: Seventh Sense offers a personalized send time based on individual user behavior, helping to provide your customers with the best possible value.

Instead of mass sending emails simultaneously to everyone on your contacts list, Seventh Sense uses AI assistance to analyze individual user behavior.

The tool will send emails to each recipient at the best time for them instead of sending them to everyone based on the average open rate by time. This means your contacts are receiving emails at a time to suit them, providing a better experience.

Plus, Seventh Sense’s data-driven “decisions” mean your recipients are more likely to open and engage with your email.


Screenshot from’s website summarizes what they do. The heading in the hero reads, ‘Send personalized cold emails at scale’

Image Source

  • Price: There’s a free plan for everyone
  • Best for: Sending personalized emails at scale
  • What we like: The Chrome extension allows you to extract data from other marketing tools like Sales Navigator. will help you send personalized cold emails at scale. To begin, all you need are LinkedIn profiles or a list of emails. You can start with your own database or access the Chrome extension to extract data from tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

Like any AI, Lyne suggests that more input leads to better output. Lyne also claims that 95-99% of their classic intro lines are typically good to go, and a review of 300 outputs will take as little as 15 minutes.

7. Canary Mail AI Email Writer

Image Source

  • Price: There’s a free plan for everyone along with Pro and Enterprise pricing.
  • Best for: Sending versatile emails.
  • What we like: Canary's email writer includes a ton level which allows you to choose between formal, neutral, and other tones within a few clicks.

Canary Mail AI Email Writer is an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help you craft effective emails. Whether you're drafting a marketing campaign or responding to a client, Canary Mail AI Email Writer can provide you with content suggestions, tone adjustments, and more to ensure your emails are impactful and engaging.

Getting Started

AI email assistants can take a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to managing inboxes, writing messages, and sending emails.

There’s an AI email assistant for just about every task that you can think of.

Although AI assistants can’t do everything themselves (and a human check is recommended), it’s almost guaranteed to take tedious tasks off your desk, so you can focus on the areas where your valuable human input leaves the most impact.

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