23 Totally Genius Apps for Work All Salespeople Should Use

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Aja Frost
Aja Frost




Want to instantly get better at life? The answer is sometimes as easy as downloading an app.

These days, there really is an app for everything, from instantly finding any file you’ve ever saved to having your car’s gas tank filled up while you’re at work.

The 23 apps for salespeople below won’t just make you better at selling -- they’ll make you a more successful person, period. Better yet, they’re all relatively undiscovered. You just gained a competitive advantage.

Time Management Apps

1) Pomodoro Time

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: iOS | Mac

Struggling to avoid distractions? The Pomodoro Technique -- which divides your time into 25-minute work “sprints” with five-minute breaks -- may be just what you need. But even though it’s far easier to focus when you know you’ve got a break coming, constantly picking up a timer inevitably harms your productivity.

Enter: This Pomodoro app for Mac. It lets you create a customized system of timers and breaks, so you can completely automate your workday.

Pomodoro Time.png

2) One Big Thing

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: iOS

Does your to-do list ever overwhelm you? Anyone vehemently nodding right now should download One Big Thing. This nifty little app lives up to its name: Every morning, you type in the one major goal you want to reach by the end of the day, along with a few small tasks if you’d like. The app resets at midnight, so the next morning, you’ll have a blank slate.


3) Next Deadline

  • Price: Free, $1.99 for unlimited projects
  • Available on: iOS

Your most important deadline is probably at the end of the month or quarter, when your quota resets. But in between then and now, you’ve got plenty of smaller deadlines. Next Deadline gives you an easy way to manage all of these. It shows you a list of all your projects sorted by how soon each is due, so at any given time, you can figure out what to tackle next.


4) Instant

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: iOS

If you’re in sales, you probably love getting clear, immediate feedback on how you’re doing. Instant provides those analytics for your life. It automatically keeps track of how much time you spend on your phone, traveling, at specific locations, sleeping, and working out. Plus, every week it’ll send you reports so you can monitor your progress and typical behavior.


5) Worklife

  • Price: Free, $6 per user/month for Business plan
  • Available on: Chrome

They say an angel gets his wings every time a meeting ends on time. In other words, it’s pretty rare to attend a meeting where you cover everything and get out of the room when planned. Good news: With Worklife, this phenomenon will happen every day. Everyone in the meeting gets access to a file including the agenda, tasks, and any notes. All of the members can edit the file in real time, so it’s much easier to share information and stay on track. Plus, you’ll leave with a handy record of the topics discussed.


Goal Setting and Tracking Apps

1) Tribes

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: iOS

You’ve probably noticed it’s far easier to, say, show up at the gym in the morning if you’ve agreed to meet a friend, or order the salad instead of pizza if you’ve publicly announced your diet. Accountability can mean the difference between success and failure.

Tribes takes this concept and applies it to all of your goals. You sign up for so-called “habits” with a group; for example, you and some other reps could each commit to attending one networking event per week. Every time a tribe member completes the habit, the entire tribe gets a notification. It’s the perfect fusion of competition and teamwork -- which salespeople thrive on.


2) Morning Routine

  • Price: $1.99
  • Available on: iOS

There’s a reason every incredibly successful person swears by their special morning routine: Productive and consistent a.m. habits improve your productivity the whole day long. But when your alarm is buzzing, it’s far too tempting to ditch your plans for a jog or scroll through your phone rather than reading the paper.

Morning Routine helps you stay committed. It gives you an agenda for your custom routine, complete with notifications for switching to the next activity. You can also track your progress and make adjustments as needed.


Online Productivity Apps

1) HazeOver

  • Price: $3.99
  • Available on: Mac

You know you shouldn’t browse the web or play games while you’re on the phone with prospects -- but it still happens every now and then. Okay, every day.

With HazeOver, it’s far easier to stay away from online temptation. This tool dims all of your open windows except for the front one, so all of your attention goes to (and stays on) your central task. You can keep your notes or contact logs front and center without being sucked into Facebook.


2) OneTab

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Chrome

Most people are guilty of keeping 20-plus internet tabs open at once. Unfortunately, these tabs kill your productivity (not to mention slow down your browser speed). Rather than quitting tabs you’ll need later or bookmarking them for a single day, add this helpful Chrome extension. OneTab converts all of your open tabs into a hyperlinked list. You can easily re-open any individual tab whenever you’d like.


3) TabWrangler

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Chrome

If you’re a true tab hoarder, you might need a more extreme solution than OneTab. Tab Wrangler (also a Chrome extension) takes things one step further: It’ll automatically close tabs that you haven’t looked at in a set period of time. And don’t worry -- it’s easy to restore any tabs that’ve been closed, so you’ll never permanently lose any of your research.


4) LastPass

  • Price: Free, $12/year
  • Available on: iOS (web apps also available)

For reps, time is money -- and once you download LastPass, a password manager, you’ll reclaim precious minutes of your time every day. This app acts like a vault for all your account and password information. Whenever you need to log in or enter key details, LastPass will automatically fill those forms for you. You’ll never again waste time typing -- or trying to remember which password you could’ve possibly used for that five-year-old membership.


5) Zapier

  • Price: Free, $20/month, $50/month
  • Available on: web

Chances are, you devote hours every week to mindless but necessary tasks, such as creating new tasks in your to-do list app or sharing company blog posts on LinkedIn. Zapier will completely automate these tasks: Just tell the platform what you’d like it to do (for example, “Post every blog post from this URL to my LinkedIn account”), and it’ll happen seamlessly.

With the little things out of the way, focusing on your pipeline will be dramatically easier.


6) Cloudo

  • Price: Free, $5/month for unlimited search
  • Available on: Mac | Chrome

Between your phone, personal computer, work computer, and other gadgets, you probably have a lot of apps. Naturally, that makes it difficult to remember what you saved where -- so tracking down information or files becomes an exercise in frustration.

If you’re spending too much time playing data detective, Cloudo will save you a ton of hassle. This Mac app gives you a command center for all of your apps; just type in what you’re looking for, and Cloudo will search across all of your apps. You can also quickly see your recent documents and notes, launch apps, create tasks, and check out your schedule. Total game-changer.

Motivation and Mental Health Apps

1) Headspace

Price: Free, $7.99/month
Available on: iOS | Android

If you’ve always stayed away from meditation because it seemed too New Age-y, this app is for you. Its simple, accessible guided meditations will make you more Zen in just 10 minutes per day. After a month or so, you’ll notice a huge difference in your ability to focus on the task at hand. Bonus: Practicing mindfulness will improve your active listening skills. That means fully engaging in conversations with your prospects will become second nature.


2) Plasmatron

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: web

Sales is stressful. When you need a quick way to relax -- and you can’t step away from your desk -- check out this visual app. Plasmatron is like an on-screen version of your college lava lamp, letting you play with colorful moving blobs. The visuals are hypnotizing; before you know it, you’ll be completely calm.


3) Momentum

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Chrome

Momentum replaces the new tab page with a beautiful image that changes every 24 hours. The random dose of eye candy is nice, but you’ll really appreciate the motivation hack built in to the app: The option to add a daily goal or reminder on top of the photo. Maybe on Tuesday you add, “Trying is winning in the moment,” while on Wednesday you go with “Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.”


4) Quoteplay

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: iOS

Staying motivated can be a challenge. That’s where Quoteplay comes in: Every day, it sends you a short inspiring quote, like this gem from Howard Schultz: “I always saw myself wanting to do something deemed successful and good at the same time.” You can even pick when your quote arrives, which is handy if your motivation tends to dip at a certain time of day.


Miscellaneous Apps

1) Yoshi

  • Price: Free, $15 per month for gas discounts and extra services
  • Available on: iOS

You’ll love the convenience of this gas delivery service. The concept is simple: While you’re at work, a representative from Yoshi will come and fill up your car. You can schedule fill-ups, or arrange them as needed -- whatever’s more convenient. Even better, there’s no fee apart from the price of gas.

Wondering how they get into your car? Yoshi will install a Fuel Vault, their proprietary device that allows access to your tank even if the flap is locked.

While the service definitely handy for reps who who constantly hit the road, it’s a boon for anyone who wants to save time. The average commuter spends 10 hours of their life at the gas station each year. That’s equivalent to 10 demos or 20 discovery calls.


2) Blinkist

  • Price: Free, $44.99/year, $79.99/year
  • Available on: iOS | Android

Let’s be honest -- even if you love learning new ideas and strategies from books, it’s hard to find the time or the energy for reading. With Blinkist, you’ll only need 15 minutes to absorb the messages from an entire book. It transforms best-selling non-fiction books like Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into short, impactful summaries you can download in audible or text form.


3) Ctrl-F

Between notes, proposals, and contracts, the typical rep has a ton of paperwork. And that also means finding specific information can be a pain in the, uh, file cabinet. This Android app is a life-saver: It lets you search any printed page simply by snapping a picture of it. For instance, maybe you need to find a specific phrase in a contract. Use Ctrl-F to take a photo of the contract, type in your phrase, and instantly see where that phrase is located.Cntrl-F.jpg4) Writefull

Everyone has trouble finding the right words sometimes. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, use Writefull. This lightweight app compares your work to millions of books, then tells you whether you’ve misused any terms. It’ll also give you contextual suggestions.


5) Photofeeler

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: web

The headshot you use for your email icon, LinkedIn, Facebook, and company website might only be a couple hundred pixels, but it drives a huge impact: Research shows people only take 1/10 of a second to judge someone’s likeability, competence, trustworthiness, and aggressiveness based on their photo. For that reason, choosing the right image can actually impact your quota. PhotoFeeler helps by collecting anonymous feedback on how competent, likeable, and trustworthy you look in various images -- so you can choose the qualitatively best one.


6) Noisli

  • Price: Free on desktop, $1.99 for app
  • Available on: web app | iOS

There’s nothing worse than being thrown off your game by the obnoxious sounds of someone chewing or a loud-talking coworker across the room. Noisli, an ambient noise web app, is your secret weapon. It lets you mix different sounds to create your ideal listening environment -- think coffee shop + rain, or wind + forest.

Not only will you block out annoying sounds, but your stress level will naturally decrease.


Getting a little app-happy? Check out this list of apps every salesperson needs. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without these digital secret weapons.

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