As a busy sales professional intent on meeting your objectives, you might wonder if you can afford to consistently read sales blogs.

After all, each minute you spend on a post is a minute you could be connecting with a new prospect, coaching one of your salespeople on an essential skill, or developing a new qualifying framework that'll help your company scale.

But the real question is: Can you afford not to read sales blogs? Whether you're a rep, a sales manager, or an executive, your ability to reach your goals grows exponentially when you incorporate others' wisdom, experiences, and strategies.

To help you find the sales blogs with the most valuable content, we've curated the following list.

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Best Blogs for Sales Reps

1. Sales Hacker

Best for: B2B sales reps, managers, and executives

Sales Hacker launched a community element for sales pros to ask questions, discuss tactics and more.

Its content ranges from blog posts and ebooks to webinars, videos, and more, meaning there's an option for every learning style.

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2. Heinz Marketing

Best for: Inbound sales professionals and marketers

If you're looking for a daily source of B2B sales and marketing insights, look no further: Heinz Marketing releases a new post every day. You'll find thought-provoking content on engaging your prospects, filling your pipeline, and creating an effective content strategy -- and that's just scratching the surface.

Look out for "Matt's App of the Week," a weekly feature from Heinz Marketing's president, and "How I Work," a series spotlighting how successful B2B leaders stay productive.

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3. Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies

Best for: Sales reps

Jill Konrath, author of "Selling to BIG Companies," "SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Customers," "Agile Selling," and "More Sales, Less Time," is an expert when it comes to navigating complex sales, making prospects' lives easier, and increasing efficiency.

Her posts frequently include stories from her life, which make them relatable and engaging.

Must-read post: Value Proposition Examples -- Words That Get Meetings

4. HubSpot Sales Blog

Best for: Salespeople, managers, and executives

Brand-new reps and sales veterans alike will gain valuable insight from the HubSpot Sales Blog (at least, that's our goal). Contributors include many of the most well-known names in the sales world, including Donald E. Kelly, Jeff Hoffman, Anthony Iannarino, Trish Bertuzzi, and more.

From writing the perfect email subject line to negotiating a mutually beneficial deal, you'll receive all the tips you need to meet or beat your quota -- or if you're a manager, lead your sales team to success month after month.

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5. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Best for: Sales reps

Social selling is becoming a big priority for sales teams. Subscribe to LinkedIn's sales blog to stay up-to-date on the latest social selling news and techniques and get a refresher on universal sales best practices.

Must-read post: The Water Cooler: Why Posts on LinkedIn About Leadership Are Engaging Decision Makers in the Consulting Industry

6. The Make It Happen Blog

Best for: Salespeople

John Barrows reinforces his sales advice with stories from his days as a salesperson and his current role as a sales trainer. These anecdotes make his posts both engaging and memorable. Not only will you learn how to give better presentations, address common objections, discover your personal drivers, and more, you'll also learn how to improve your own narrative skills.

Must-read post: The Story of How My Emotions Stopped Us from Winning the Deal

7. Salesfolk

Best for: Sales reps and managers

You've likely seen the difference in your open and reply rates when you use buyer-focused, personalized outreach emails versus generic ones focused on you and your product.

However, crafting an attention-grabbing message can be difficult even for top sales pros. Heather Morgan's blog is an excellent source of examples (both good and bad), straightforward suggestions, and fresh ideas.

Must-read post: Why Selfish Emails Never Work

8. Sales Gravy

Best for: Sales reps

You might be the best closer in the world, but you won't sign any new business without prospects. Jeb Blount is one of the foremost experts on prospecting (he literally wrote the book on the topic), so it's not surprising his company's blog has ample content on filling the top of your funnel.

Must-read post: Avoid Missed Opportunities and Sales Disasters

9. Gong Labs Blog

Best for: Sales reps

Gong is chocked full of great data, expert tips, and advice for reps in the trenches and sales leaders looking to motivate their teams. You'll find actionable articles that help you meet your quota, close business, and have more successful calls during your sales cycle.

Must-read post: Revenue Success Secrets From Today's Top CROs

10. Sandler Training Blog

Best for: Sales professionals

The Sandler training team has a seemingly never-ending stream of advice for every type of sales professional -- individual sellers, managers, and executives. Their posts typically include examples and sample messaging, so readers understand exactly how to put the concepts they learn into action.

Must-read post: 5 Ways To Help Prospects Determine the Break-Even Point

11. Marc Wayshak's Sales Blog

Best for: Sales reps

Marc Wayshak, founder of Sales Strategy Academy and author of "Game Plan Selling," doles out a wealth of practical knowledge and tips. He uses short videos to communicate most of his advice, so this blog is a good pick for those who prefer watching videos over reading content.

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12. Art Sobczak's Smart Calling Blog

Best for: Sales reps

Calling prospects is both a science and an art. Learn how to create interest, handle brush-offs and objections, and lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship -- without resorting to manipulative, out-of-date, or selfish tactics.

Must-read post: How to Add Value and Not Just Check In or Introduce Yourself

13. Your SalesMBA™ Blog

Best for: Sales reps

Sales trainer and creator of the Your SalesMBA™ training program Jeff Hoffman lets readers in on the secrets to effective prospecting, qualifying, social selling, and more. His posts are digestible, relevant, and tactical.

Must-read post: Calm Down. (You've Got the Meeting!)

14. Sales for Life

Best for: B2B sales reps

The Sales for Life blog helps salespeople sync up with modern buyers. From engaging your prospects in a friendly, helpful, and convenient way to using sales automation effectively, you'll learn both the fundamentals and latest tips from the Sales 2.0 movement.

Must-read post: Cold Calling Advocates: Sincere, But Sincerely Wrong 

15. The Sales Blog

Best for: Sales reps

Anthony Iannarino, author of "The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need," publishes daily insights and thought leadership on his blog. You'll appreciate his direct, readable style, practical suggestions, and motivational words of wisdom.

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Best Blogs for Sales Leaders and Executives

16. OpenView Labs (Sales Category)

Best for: CEOs, founders, and sales leaders

OpenView is a venture capital firm focusing on early-stage software companies. Its blog is a valuable resource for senior executives -- especially the sales category, which features substantial articles on everything from building a sales enablement program and training BDRs to interviewing rep candidates and removing bias from your hiring process.

Must-read post: Establishing Data-Driven 1:1's as a Sales Manager

17. Sales Benchmark Index

Best for: Sales managers and leaders

Every post on SBI's blog is ultimately meant to help you do one thing -- meet or exceed your team's quota. You'll discover fresh insights on hiring the best salespeople, crafting a winning strategy, and promoting a healthy yet achievement-driven culture.

Must-read post: Will Your New Hires Help You Hit the Quarterly Number?

18. The Ambition Blog

Best for: Sales leaders

Average sales managers supervise their reps. Good sales managers motivate their reps. Great sales managers inspire and coach their reps so each individual is performing at their maximum potential.

Want to be in the last group? Check out Ambition's blog for tips on hiring, driving performance, and promoting productivity.

Must-read post: A Lethal Weapon for Inspiring Workplace Accountability

19. Inside Sales Experts Blog

Best for: Inside sales managers and executives

Are you responsible for hiring, retaining, and training inside salespeople, creating and managing territories, and tracking your team's success? Bookmark the Inside Sales Experts Blog. It features in-depth, tactical content from Trish Bertuzzi, author of "The Sales Development Playbook," and other members of her consulting firm.

Must-read post: How One Head of Sales Tackled Building a Sales Playbook

20. Sales Source

Best for: Sales reps, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs

Geoffrey James, author of "How to Say It: Business to Business Selling," shares a variety of sales, marketing, and general professional advice on his daily blog. If you're interested in writing better sales emails, becoming more productive, motivating yourself, improving your negotiation skills, and more, check out Sales Source.

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21. SaaStr Blog

Best for: Sales leaders and entrepreneurs

Venture Capitalist and SaaS enthusiast Jason M. Lemkin began SaaStr as a simple WordPress blog housing his answers to questions he received on Quora. Today, it's one of the largest communities of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs in the world.

Readers can expect big-picture articles on the growth of SaaS businesses, as well as tactical advice for sales leaders on how to get more from your team.

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Best Blogs for Sales Managers

22. Datanyze Blog

Best for: SaaS sales managers

Software as a Service (SaaS) industry leaders and sales experts regularly contribute to this blog. The average post is upwards of 800 words and jam-packed with tactical tips, so you're guaranteed to derive value from each one you read.

Must-read post: Why Better Objection Handling Leads to Less Friction in the Sales Process

23. The Sales Leader

Best for: Sales leaders

Colleen Francis, author of "Nonstop Sales Boom," gives sales leaders the tools and techniques they need to drive results. Her posts cover a variety of topics -- including pipeline management, sales leadership best practices, and personal productivity -- and get right to the point. When you're looking for a quick tip, go here.

Must-read post: The Critical Way Buyers Have Changed

24. No More Cold Calling

Best for: Sales leaders

Salespeople hate making calls with zero personalization or research. Buyers hate receiving them. If your team is still using these types of calls to prospect, read this blog. Referrals expert Joanne Black teaches sales leaders how and why to implement a referral program -- and eliminate the need for random dials.

Must-read post: How Getting Fired Actually Launched My Referral Business

25. TopLine Leadership Blog

Best for: Sales managers

The success of your sales team often hinges on their attitude. However, keeping each member enthusiastic and committed isn't easy -- especially when you're also trying to diagnose their weaknesses, improve their techniques, and make your playbook as solid as possible.

The TopLine Leadership Blog focuses almost exclusively on motivation. Whether you're hoping to inspire an unengaged salesperson or encourage everyone to hit their numbers, you'll find the tips you need.

Must-read post: Gaining the Sales Team's Acceptance When You Get Promoted

26. CloserIQ Blog

Best for: Sales managers and recruiters

CloserIQ is a sales recruitment platform, and their blog provides plenty of guidance on the hottest skills your job candidates should possess, how to identify top talent, and how to manage a successful team.

Must-read post: How to Identify Top Sales Talent by Their Resume

27. The Center for Sales Strategy Blog

Best for: Sales managers and recruiters

This is another blog packed with guidance on recruiting, developing, and managing the best sales talent on your team. Having trouble with turnover or attracting high-performing salespeople? This blog has the tips you need to increase your sales revenue by building a culture centered around professional development and client needs.

Must-read post: The Aha Moment: How to Know When to Pivot Your Sales Strategy

Best Sales Websites

28. Entrepreneur

Best for: Sales managers and reps

Get news stories about entrepreneurship, small business, and startups. Most salespeople have an entrepreneurial spirit, and reading this website regularly will keep you up to date.

29. Inc.

Best for: Sales managers and reps

Small business and startup news is what you'll find on Inc. along with interesting profiles of founders and groundbreakers, you'll get the news you need to keep you up to date for your prospects and dreaming of your own future business.

30. Forbes

Best for: Sales managers and reps

Find articles on finance, investing, and other industry topics. Check in for daily updates and headlines you need to to know for watercooler talk with prospects and meeting chit-chat with your boss.

31. Bloomberg Business

Best for: Sales managers and reps

When a story breaks in the business world, it's important that you know what's happening and how it affects your business and your prospects. Get up-to-the-minute information on Bloomberg Business.

32. Business Insider

Best for: Sales managers and reps

The latest in tech, finance, media, and industry-specific verticals is all covered here. A good stop first thing in the morning — Business Insider will fuel you with the talking points you need throughout the day.

33. She Owns It

Best for: Entrepreneurs

She Owns It celebrates, supports, and connects women entrepreneurs. Find inspiration, advice for the unique challenges women face in tech and business, and — if you're not a woman — some insight into how to be an ally in the workplace. 

34. Quora

Best for: Sales managers and reps

Quora is the world's largest question and answer platform that allows you to ask questions and receive answers from pros like Jason Lemkin as well as salespeople in the trenches. Get advice, learn something new, or answer a question yourself.

35. Wall Street Journal

Best for: Sales managers and reps

This Pulitzer Prize-winning publication should be a mainstay in your daily reading. Breaking news, expert journalism, and deep dives into the industry news you need make this an important stop on your morning reading tour.

If you're looking for specific sales bloggers to follow on social media, here's a quick list of folks we recommend reading more about. Find them on Twitter. Connect with them on LinkedIn, and start learning from them immediately

More of an auditory learner? Check out our roundup of top sales podcasts here. 

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