5 Closing Questions Every Salesperson Must Ask


Modern-day psychology -- and life experience -- tells us that pain is the best motivator for action. That’s why prospects are much more likely to buy if your product or service will solve a deep frustration of theirs. Asking the right questions is key to uncovering the pain that will motivate your prospect to buy.

Unfortunately, most salespeople don’t know the right questions to ask to close the deal. In sales, you can do everything else right, but if you’re not closing sales, you’re going to go broke -- fast. It’s no surprise that the most successful salespeople ask the same questions, over and over again, to discover their prospects’ biggest pain-points -- and close more sales as a result.

Check out this special report to learn more about the best questions to ask during a sale. And commit to asking these five powerful closing questions the next time you’re trying to close a deal. 

1) What’s the greatest challenge your organization is facing right now?

Your goal with this question is to find the organization’s “migraine.” Don’t get distracted by little headaches. Headaches, though frustrating, aren’t a big deal -- but your prospects will do anything to relieve a migraine. Ask this question to get directly to the key issues and frustrations that your prospect is facing. Once you know, you’ll be able to communicate how you can help solve that problem.

Check out this video to learn more about discovering your prospect’s deepest frustration:

2) What does this challenge cost you?

In other words, what is that migraine costing your prospect’s organization in lost revenues, savings, or profits? By asking for a specific number, you’ll get your prospect to articulate the value of solving that problem.

Getting your prospects to acknowledge what a challenge is costing them creates massive value and leads them to think about how important your solution really is.

3) How does this challenge affect you personally?

This question helps you understand how that cost personally affects your prospect. You might feel uncomfortable asking this question, but salespeople who hold their prospects’ feet to the fire get a higher level of commitment to solving the problem than those who are too afraid to ask a personal question.

The video below gives even more detail about closing questions like this:

4) Is solving this challenge a priority right now?

There are few things more frustrating to a salesperson than getting to the end of a sales process only to hear, “We’re going to put this off until next year.” The hard truth of the matter is that salespeople who hear that answer have only themselves to blame.

Never present your solution until you’re confident that your prospect is fully bought in to solving the problem right now. Challenge your prospect by asking -- in a way that’s genuine but not aggressive -- if solving that challenge is a key priority before you try to close the sale.

5) What would you like to do next?

Ask this question as you get ready to move toward closing a sale. After you’ve gone through the entire discovery process, test the waters to see if the prospect is thinking about moving forward with your solution. This question makes clients feel like they’re in control -- but also gives you really important feedback about their actual desire to work with you.

Next time you go through a sales presentation with a customer, focus on uncovering their deepest frustration. You absolutely must ask these five closing questions to close more sales, and you really can crush your sales goals. Which of these five questions did you find most useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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