The 5 Critical Components of a Successful Sales Resume [Infographic]

Aja Frost
Aja Frost



The good news: You’ve found an opening for a sales job at a fast-growing company with exciting promotion opportunities.

The bad news: 249 other candidates have also found that opening. Just four or five of you will get an interview.

How can you ensure you’re among that select group? Your resume is the single most important factor influencing the hiring manager’s decision, especially if you applied without a referral or cover letter. A great sales resume focuses on your quantifiable results -- after all, if you get the job, your performance will be measured with hard metrics. To judge whether you’ll be a good fit, the hiring manager wants proof of your prior success.

That’s not the only thing your resume needs. To learn four more essential components of a winning sales resume, check out this infographic from Peak Sales Recruiting.


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