9 Fall-Inspired Email Templates Your Prospects Will Love More Than PSLs

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Fall is a fantastic time of year for salespeople to reach out and reconnect with prospects. The kids are off to school, the vacations are over, the margarita mix back in the pantry, and summer is officially over. This is great news for salespeople, because it means your prospects are back in the office and ready to take your calls.


It’s also the perfect moment to hunker down for a final push before the holidays. So, how can you set your outreach emails apart from the rest of the emails crowding your prospect’s inbox?

Whether you haven’t heard from them in a while or just want to say “thanks" to a customer who signed, these nine email templates have your back better than your favorite fall sweater.

Download Now: 15 Free Holiday Email Templates

9 Fall-Inspired Sales Email Templates

1. For planners

Key Takeaways: Tip your hat to the Halloween movies your prospect is probably bingeing on with this subject line. Then turn their attention to what’s actually frightening -- their lack of a plan. Once you’ve awoken their fear, they’ll be more receptive to the idea of taking a meeting.

Mentioning how you’ve successfully helped other companies in their space also helps pique interest, earn you credibility, and increase their desire to talk to you.

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2. For evolving industries

Key Takeaways: Acknowledging how fanatical everyone gets when the leaves become red will make your prospect smile. Then you can smoothly segue into a more important transformation: How your prospect’s world is changing and what they can do to keep up.

3. For new customers

Key Takeaways: Fall is the perfect time to let your customers know you appreciate them. Whether or not you’re hoping they’ll renew their contract soon and/or buy something else from you, the benefits of making them feel appreciated last far longer than the time it takes to spin up an email.

And if someone they know is in the market for your type of solution, this message improves the odds you’ll be on their mind.

4. For procrastinators

Key Takeaways: Once you’ve pulled them in with your subject line, remind your prospect that fall is the time to start planning for the new year -- and this planning is too important to be left until the last minute.

Just as they’re starting to feel a little stressed, let them know you’ve already done some of the heavy lifting for them -- and tease the ideas you’ve brainstormed. They’ll be relieved you can help them begin and curious to hear what you have in mind.

5. For the Black-Friday-focused

Key Takeaways: This template is especially effective if your ideal customer base includes marketers, retailers, or Christmas tree farms. Certain industries rely on the holiday season for a large portion of their annual budget, which makes it the busiest and most stressful time of year.

By showing you can relate to what they’re going through -- and offering concrete data on how they can benefit from hearing you out -- you’ll build rapport and immediate interest.

6. For the “Not right now, but maybe in six months"

Key Takeaways: The summer months can be brutal for salespeople. Prospects are distracted with shorter summer hours, ghost after long vacations, and are more focused on family obligations than work. If you have a few prospects who slipped away, or simply weren’t ready to buy, use fall as an excuse to get back in touch.

The pumpkin spice references keep things light and attention-grabbing, and the straightforward message makes it easy for prospects to reengage.

7. For the ghost

Key Takeaways: If a prospect just plain ghosted you, it’s easy to get frustrated and pushy. Channel that frustration into an email that will make them laugh and get you the yes or no you need to move on.

8. For the missed meeting

Key Takeaways: Scheduling meetings can be tricky. If a prospect misses a meeting, don’t fret. Reach out again and gauge their interest in setting up another time to chat.

This is a fantastic opportunity to provide your prospect with additional resources. They can browse the links you sent -- piquing their interest in your offer before the next meeting. The subject line keeps things light hearted, attention-grabbing, and far from accusatory. After all, who doesn’t love treats?

9. For the potential fit

Key Takeaways: Grab your prospect’s attention with a punny subject line. From there, speak to how you can help as they solve for their business goals. And don’t forget to include relevant case studies, blog posts, and resources -- this will ensure the interaction is valuable and amusing.

Your prospects -- like everyone -- are inundated with email. Be the bright spot in their inbox, and move your opportunities forward with these fall-inspired templates.

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We're committed to your privacy. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.


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