Congratulations, you have a new inbound lead.  

Now what? How do you reach out? What do you say?  

Well, since virtually every call you make goes to voicemail -- our findings showed 92% -- you may figure, forget it, voicemail doesn’t work so I’ll just email.

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But we’ve also found that you're 4-6 times more likely to connect if you supplement that email with a phone call.

And in the (very) likely scenario that you do reach voicemail, I have the perfect sales voicemail template to generate responses.  

First though, let's think about who you're connecting with on the call. There are some undeniable truths about all inbound leads:

  1. They're busy. (Doing what? It doesn't matter, they're busy)
  2. They only take action when it benefits them or their organization.    

Using these truths will help frame our template, which has a structure like so:  

Your Name

+ Inbound Activity

+ Offer That Provides Related Value

+ Tangible Benefit Of Offer

+ Your Contact Info

+ Mention Of Follow Up Email

Here's an example of how this actually sounds:  

"Hi, this is Patrick, following up on your download of the Campaign Success Kit. People who’ve found value in this piece of content also find value in a quick call about the four keys to calling campaign success. Just one of these keys alone helps firms increase their response rate 10 times.  

Since I missed you, you can call me at [my number] or just reply to the email that I will send you tomorrow if I don’t hear back from you before then."   

Now, just so we’re crystal clear, here's the template overlaid with the example:  

Your Name [Patrick]

+ Inbound Activity [Download of Campaign Success Kit]

+ Offer That Provides Related Value [Four Keys to Calling Campaign Success]

+ Tangible Benefit Of Offer [Increases Response Rate 10X]

+ Your Contact Info

+ Mention Of Follow Up Email

It's really that simple. Again, your inbound lead is busy and only acts when it benefits him or his organization. This template quickly provides value that justifies a disruption in his busy schedule and then reinforces that value with quantifiable results of how it will benefit him.  

What's working in your voicemails? Feel free to share your voicemail tips so we can continue to improve our sales outreach.

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 New call-to-action

Originally published Mar 31, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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