How to Increase Net Sales by 50% Per Salesperson [Infographic]

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Leslie Ye
Leslie Ye



How do you form a cohesive, all-star sales team?

Hire the right people so you have a great foundation upon which to build. Have a strong playbook and the right tools to help your team succeed. Foster a healthy culture so your team is happy and spreads the word to their talented friends looking for their next sales job.

What’s the thread that ties these elements together? Training. A formal sales training program enables reps to understand how your company fits together from day one, and add value more quickly. Companies with a structured training program see almost two-thirds of their salespeople make quota, according to the infographic below from Value Shift and BigTinCan.

Training is also valuable far beyond a sales rep’s first day at your organization. Companies with continuous sales training reap as high as 50% higher net sales per employee than companies without.

Unfortunately, training isn’t always done well. Of the $20 billion that’s spent on sales training per year, only 7% goes to directly improving sales teams’ skills. More than a third (34.9%) of sales leaders don’t have a clear idea of what return they’re looking for on training.

If you'd like to increase sales by as much as 50% per rep, make sure you’re providing the skills-based training salespeople need on an ongoing basis and have metrics to measure the program's success.


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