19 More Creative Ways for Salespeople to Say "I Can Save You Money"

Art Sobczak
Art Sobczak



"We can save you money" is a term that has become meaningless to many people.

It is used so often in ads and by salespeople that when we hear it, it's like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher in the Peanuts cartoons:

But, everyone wants to save money! So, what to do?

As I always preach, get information from anyone and everyone before speaking with your decision maker. Ask questions of admins or others in your buyer's department, such as:

"What are the initiatives in your division/group/department? Cutting costs? Increasing productivity?"

"Has there been an emphasis on cutting spending lately?"

If you learn that cost cutting and expense control is in fact important, work this into your sales strategy. But instead of trotting out the tired phrase "I can save you money," try one of the following instead.

"Ms. Prospect we help companies to ... "

  1. "cut the costs of ..."
  2. "reduce expenses on ..."
  3. "trim the fat from ..."
  4. "lower the payments on ..."
  5. "lessen the ..."
  6. "control the costs of ... "
  7. "reduce interest rates on ..."
  8. "eliminate the waste in ..."
  9. "minimize the number of ... "
  10. "prevent increases in ... "
  11. "pay less for ... "
  12. "get discounts on ... "
  13. " increase the amount of X for the same price you're paying now ... "
  14. "find the best prices for ... "
  15. "reduce spending on ... "
  16. "delay increases in ... "
  17. "consolidate the bills for ... "
  18. "take advantage of credits for ... "
  19. "reduce debt ... "

Saving time is another major area. Think of ways you can include that as well.

The language of cost is universal. It touches a nerve. If you can help a buyer with cost, and it's something that is important to them, strategically using one of these phrases is a recipe for your sales success.

Editor's note: This post originally appeared on Smart Calling Online and is republished here with permission. 

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