5 Steps To Writing Networking Emails People Can't Ignore [SlideShare]

David Ly Khim
David Ly Khim



Ever write an email that never gets a response? We all have.

Just the other day, I sent out 17 emails to take people out to coffee. The email looked something like this:


Hey Andrew,

I just read your blog post about how growth hacking is the new VP of marketing and found it really interesting. Would you be open to grabbing a cup of coffee this weekend?

Let me know.



He didn’t let me know.

Here’s the problem: We can’t go straight for the ask -- but we often still do. There’s no reason to think they’d even consider spending half an ounce of energy to fulfill our request (no matter how simple) if we haven’t provided any value to them yet.

Unless we’re all sales email savants, chances are we all could use a little help refining our networking emails.

In the presentation below, we discuss the five simple steps behind writing an effective networking email. This relationship-building email template not only gets a response, but lays the foundation for a real connection.

Click through the SlideShare to uncover each step and begin writing networking emails even the busiest people can’t ignore.

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