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Kristen Baker
Kristen Baker


You've finally done it — you're entering the final stages of the deal you've been trying to close for weeks. The time has come to create a quote for your customer, with the help of sales quote software.

best sales quotes software and tools for 2021

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Sales quote software like HubSpot's makes it easier to create a quote and send a proposal to your potential customer. These tools may also have reporting functionality, proposal engagement notifications, and integrations so you can sync with your other tools, such as your CRM.

Ready to see which sales quote software options are the best? Let's take a look at 10 options.

Best Quote Software

1. HubSpot Quote Softwarequote software: HubSpotGet started with HubSpot's Quote Software for Free

With HubSpot Sales Quotes, you can streamline the quote-to-cash process with integrated electronic signatures and payment. Close deals quickly by creating polished, on-brand, and customized quotes in seconds.

HubSpot offers built-in payment options and electronic signatures to eliminate back-and-forth between reps and customers. Reps can also use the Stripe integration to get paid right from their quote. This tool is part of HubSpot's Sales CRM, called Sales Hub, which includes other useful tools such as email templates and tracking, sales automation, meetings, calling, predictive lead scoring, and reporting.

Pro Tip: Use HubSpot's Quote Software to create and send sales quotes as well as collect electronic signatures and payments from the same place you manage your deals and contacts.


  • Built-in payment options
  • Electronic signatures
  • Stripe integration


Free plan or paid plans ranging in price from $40/ mo/ two users to $1,200/ mo/ 10 users.

2. Proposify

quote software: proposify

Proposify is an interactive quoting tool that automates the sales proposal process. To save time, create templates for your proposals and quotes so they're on-hand in the future and ready to be customized. You'll be notified the moment a recipient opens, reads, signs, and interacts with a proposal so you can time your follow-ups accordingly.

Use the tool's live chat to respond to any questions a prospect or customer has while reviewing your proposal in real-time. There are also interactive pricing and eSignature features so customers can select their desired plan without having to go through you.

Create and send proposals without ever leaving your CRM thanks to Proposify's many integrations with systems like HubSpot and Salesforce. The system also integrates with accounting tools, like Quickbooks, so you can seamlessly track, organize, and save payment invoices and more.


  • Live chat
  • Interactive pricing
  • Integration with HubSpot


Plans ranging in price from $19/ mo/ user to $49/ mo/ user.

3. Responsive

screenshot of responsive.ioImage Source

Responsive makes the process of creating and collaborating on quotes, proposals, and questionnaires simple. The tool has a recommendation engine that uses AI to auto-suggest content for your proposals and quotes.

The tool has task automation features to speed up the process of designing your sales documents as well as engagement notifications so you know when someone is interacting with your documents. Responsive also offers a number of integrations with CRMs (including HubSpot) and other tools to make response management across your entire team easy.


  • AI-powered recommendation engine
  • Task automation
  • Integration with HubSpot


Pricing is available upon request.

4. ClientPoint

quote software: clientpoint

ClientPoint allows you to generate proposals and track them with ease. A content library and a document-generation engine exist to save you time while designing documents. Then, receive real-time notifications about recipient engagement on your quotes when they're opened, read, signed, and returned to you.

Integrate with your sales software and CRM, including HubSpot, to access your quotes and related data via your CRM. ClientPoint also allows you to include videos, testimonials, custom messages, images, and other content in your quotes to increase the chances of conversion.


  • Document-generation engine
  • Real-time notifications
  • Integration with HubSpot


Pricing is available upon request.

5.  FastSpring

quote software: fastspring

FastSpring’s Interactive Quotes (IQ) is a powerful tool used to build dynamic, interactive quotes that simplify pricing conversations with your prospects and in turn accelerate the sales process. Unlike traditional proposals, spreadsheets, and slide decks; IQ connects your pricing, quoting, e-signatures, and payments all in one place. 

IQ is also equipped with real-time analytics and notifications that keep you informed as your prospects interact with your quotes – including visits, price changes, tier selection, feature expansion, and more. You can also seamlessly track your Quotes within your CRM thanks to our integration with HubSpot. We also have a Drift integration so that your prospects can chat with your team if they have any questions about their Quotes. 


  • Interactive quotes
  • Real-time analytics
  • HubSpot integration


Free plan or paid plans starting at $65/mo/user. Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

6. Loopio

quote software: loopio

Loopio helps you create and manage sales proposals, RFPs (requests for proposals), questionnaires, and other sales documents that are cloud-based, personalized, and on-brand. To save you time, create templates out of the documents that you create so you're able to repurpose them in the future.

The tool's easy-to-use interface allows sales reps to design and brand their own documents without the help of a marketer or designer. Loopio auto-populates sales proposals, quotes, and other documents with only your team's most-recent and approved content and information to ensure accuracy.


  • Templates creation
  • Design and brand documents
  • Auto-populates documents


Pricing is available upon request.

7. Qwilr

quote software: qwilr

Qwilr helps you create interactive, responsive, and beautiful quotes, proposals, and client updates for your prospects and customers. You can improve the UX of all of your documents by making them more engaging by embedding content such as videos, Google Maps, and calendars. This is easy with Qwilr's pre-built templates as well as its modular document builder.

There's interactive pricing so your recipients can choose the plan that works best for them — they just open the document on any device via the link you send them, select an option, sign, pay, and then return the document to you.

Qwilr also has reporting and analytics so you know who's interacting with your documents, when they're doing so, and which aspects of the documents they're interacting with the most. Lastly, integrate with your CRM (such as HubSpot) so you can create, share, and accept sales quotes and other documents without leaving your CRM.


  • Templates
  • Interactive pricing
  • Reporting and analytics


Plans ranging in price from $75/ mo/ three users to $490/ mo/ 10 users.

8. GetAccept

quote software: get accept

GetAccept is an all-in-one sales enablement and contract management software that allows you to create and share personalized contracts and proposals and obtain eSignatures. GetAccept integrates with CRMs (including HubSpot) and other business tools so you can personalize, create, share, and view contracts, quotes, and proposals without ever leaving the applications you use most.

Create custom recipient workflows to automate actions and follow-ups to increase customer engagement (and ultimately, chances of a deal). The tool also allows you to send personalized videos along with proposals and quotes as well as add live chat, reviews, images, and demos to help you nurture prospects.


  • Custom recipient workflows
  • Send personalized videos
  • CRM integration, including HubSpot


Plans ranging in price from $25/ mo / user to $60/ mo / user.

9. Better Proposals

quote software: better proposals

With Better Proposals, you can create high-quality sales proposals and quotes in minutes — the tool's automatic designer and over 160 pre-built templates make this process quick and easy. Once your proposal is complete, send it directly to your recipient via a secure link — the recipient can then sign it, pay your fee, and send it back to you.

Smart follow-ups notify you whenever a recipient opens your proposals so a rep can nurture them in a timely manner. And speaking of nurturing, Better Proposals also has reporting and tracking so you can keep an eye on where each proposal is in the sale process. This makes it easier to track what needs to be sent out, which prospects and customers should be receiving communication, and more.


  • 160 templates
  • Automatic designer
  • Reporting and tracking


Plans ranging in price from $19/ mo/ user to $49/ mo/ user.

10. PandaDoc

quote software: panda doc

PandaDoc's Quoting Software automates the process of creating and personalizing quotes by using contact data directly from your CRM (PandaDoc integrates with a number of CRMs including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive). The tool has an interactive pricing table so recipients can select from multiple pricing/ product options, update quantities to meet their needs, and speak directly to you if needed. Quote recipients can access, sign, and send back the quote via any device.

Additionally, PandaDoc provides engagement and usage reports so you know the moment a recipient opens, reads, and signs a quote. This way, you can ensure your follow-ups come at the appropriate time.


  • Integration with CRMs, including HubSpot
  • Interactive pricing table
  • Engagement and usage reports


Free or paid plans ranging in price from $25/ mo/ user to $59/ mo/ user (or contact for enterprise quote).

Grow Better With Sales Quote Software

Sales quote software not only speeds up the process of creating branded and beautiful proposals, but it also helps you increase conversions, saves you time, increases time-wide efficiency, and improves the customer experience. So, find the right tool for you and get started using sales quote software.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in May 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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