Click here to install Signals for freeIn just a few short weeks since launching at INBOUND, more than 14,000 salespeople have started using HubSpot Sales to engage prospects, customers, and leads in more context-driven, relevant conversations. Not using Sidekick yet? Here are five reasons you should strongly consider it:

1) Efficiency

As a salesperson, you have a finite amount of time each day to interact with your prospects, so identifying and prioritizing prospects who are qualified and interested is imperative to hit your quota without working 24-7. Chances are, if a prospect hasn’t taken the time to open your email or visit the pricing links you sent over, he or she is not likely to buy anytime soon, so HubSpo Sales gives you context on the prospects with whom you should invest more time and effort. The result? No more wasting time on leads who don’t have time or interest in your product, and you can use the time saved to drive more sales (or work on your golf game--we don’t judge).

2) Prospects Want to Fast Forward, Not Rewind

Far too many sales calls start with “Hey Sam, have you visited our website recently? If so, did you see the page yada yada…” Most people barely remember the last thing they Googled let alone their pricing page, so why not skip the rewind conversation and instead demonstrate that you understand their needs by leading with “as I noted in my email and you saw on our site, pricing for this package is X so let’s focus our energy today on where that aligns with your business goals.” This is highly loveable for prospects and salespeople alike, and leads to much more productive, forward-looking conversations instead of retroactive ones.

3) Better Timing

Even the best sales connect call be sidetracked by terrible timing: no one on earth likes being interrupted during a call, meeting, or meal. One HubSpot Sales customer told us “you know, I was worried that prospects would not react well to our reps knowing more about their interactions with our email and our site, but the exact opposite was true: we actually called when the timing was right for them, and it was a game changer for reps and customers alike.” In business, timing is absolutely everything, and HubSpot Sales can help your sales team understand when a prospect truly wants to hear from them versus guessing based on their own behaviors and work schedule.

4) Sleep More Soundly Knowing a Deal Will Close

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you see that a lead you are about to close just opened the contract you sent them, or an email you sent to one person has been opened by other people on the team you are selling to. When you use Sidekick, you’ll start to pick up on little hints like this that indicate when a deal is all but sealed. It’s a great feeling and helps you better plan out your month.

5) The Inbound Experience

Fundamentally, inbound marketing is rooted in the notion that reaching consumers doesn’t have to be interruptive. HubSpot Sales allows this same philosophy to extend into sales: integration with HubSpot Marketing allows you to see every interaction a prospect or lead has had with your brand, from tweets to ebook downloads to email open rates, and inform your sales process accordingly. End to end customer experience and the buyer’s journey are top of mind throughout the technology industry: HubSpot Sales helps users extend the inbound experience beyond marketing to sales, and prospects and leads are better off for it.

Customer Doug Davidoff wrote a blog post about HubSpot Sales and my favorite anecdote from it was the story of a prospect Doug hadn’t heard from in over six months who revisited a high value page on his website. Following the HubSpot Sales notification, Doug reached out by phone and had a successful connect call: HubSpot Sales provided the context to allow Doug to re-engage a prospect successfully: that’s music (and money) for any front line sales rep.

The great sales guru Zig Ziglar once said “you will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want,” and nowhere is this more true than the modern sales process. The best sales reps of the 21st century will solve their prospect’s greatest challenges, understand how they work and live on a daily basis, and build their connect calls and discussions around guiding and solving versus the hard sell. HubSpot Sales is the best kind of sales automation -- it arms sales reps with the tools they need to succeed in modern selling, provides prospects with a more relevant interaction with your brand, and ultimately saves your company time, money, and energy.


Originally published Sep 6, 2013 8:00:00 AM, updated February 11 2017


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