The Big Problem With Your Value Proposition

Bill Cates
Bill Cates



When you’re developing or refining your value proposition, the number one mistake that most salespeople make is they just come up with the words on their own. They develop their value propositions in a bubble, without talking to their prospects and clients.

Salespeople think they know what their prospects or clients want to hear. The problem is that most reps come up with very trite phrases to describe what they do, such as the following:

  • “We provide great service.”
  • “We care about our customers.”
  • “We provide unique solutions.”  

Are these really unique? No. These are platitudes that anyone could say.

The key is to find ways to express your value that are different from what everyone else is saying. And one of the best sources to find out what makes you different? Your current clients or customers.

When you are thinking about how to market yourself or writing copy for a brochure or website, go to some of your clients and say, “Look, could you help me with this a little bit? I could use your feedback.” Whether you pick their brain over lunch or you send them some questions in an email, get their feedback. They will tell you their perception of your value, and I guarantee they will give you words and expressions you would never think of on your own.

For instance, I had a client tell me, “Bill, you make asking for referrals as natural as breathing." Now, I would have never thought of that. Do I use that in my marketing? You bet!

That’s an example of what happens when you go to your clients for their perceptions of your value. They will help you come up with unique and compelling word and phrases -- much better than anything you could come up with in a vacuum.

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