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February 14 is typically a holiday for B2C marketers — not salespeople. But that’s to your advantage: A Valentine’s Day-themed email will stand out in your prospects’ work inboxes, make them curious, and ultimately, earn you the opens and replies you’re looking for.

B2B sales rep sends Valentine's Day themed email to prospects
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Two major caveats. First, keep your industry and specific audience in mind. Humor tends to flop with some personas. Second, make sure your message doesn’t go too far. If you’re not sure whether it will come off the right way, ask a coworker to review. Better to be safe than sorry.

Valentine's Day Email Templates

1. Prospecting Email Templates

Send these messages to new opportunities.

The intriguing subject line will get most people to click, and the offer to help free of charge (combined with the allure of learning what their competitors are doing) will convince at least half your prospects to take the bait.

Send this email on February 15 to a prospect who decided not to buy. The ridiculousness will (hopefully) amuse them, which is often enough to get a response.

2. Follow-Up Email Templates

Send these templates to buyers you've already connected with.

This cheeky email might just reignite the relationship between you and the buyer. If you want to keep the humor but make it a little more formal, delete the smiley face and the mention of your mom.

This Valentine’s Day version of a traditional breakup email implies your prospect owes you a response without being overly heavy-handed. (After all, guilting them won’t help the future relationship.) You may awaken some stale prospects — and if you don’t, you know who to stop emailing in a few months.

3. Lost Deal Email Templates

Create a filtered list of "closed/lost" deals that are four-plus months old and send them customized versions of these messages.

This bold email takes advantage of your prospect’s dissatisfaction with their current solution — reminding them there may be a better choice out there.

Your prospect will think they know where you’re going with the subject line — hopefully, surprising them with your first line and a clever message will convince them to give you a second chance.

4. Customer Email Templates

Just because someone's a customer doesn't mean they should be off your radar. These email ideas will help you land and expand those accounts.

This email reminds your customer of the wins they’ve gotten with your product and reinforces your personal relationship. It takes two seconds to send, but it might mean the difference between a contract renewal and termination.

This follow-up email is valuable for A) capitalizing on satisfied customers and B) proactively helping unsatisfied ones.

Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

Looking for more ways to make your emails stand out in your prospects' inboxes? Try out these Valentine-themed subject lines.

  • Love at first sight
  • Sweet deal on [product name]
  • Fall in love with [company or product name]
  • You’ll love this!
  • Spread the love.
  • Why we love our customers.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue ...

Include common Valentine's phrases and terms like "love" and "sweet" in the subject line to make your message pop. And if you liked these ideas, check out these spring-themed email templates.

Editor's Note: This piece was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for clarity.

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