What Effective Sales Roleplaying Sounds Like [Audio Example]

Dave Kurlan
Dave Kurlan



listening-1Are you active in sports? Music? Art? Photography? Video Games?

No matter the activity, one of the things that will make you better is practice. And selling -- whether traditional or inbound -- is no different. But how does one practice the art of selling?


As a sales trainer and sales coach, whenever I work with salespeople, I think it's incredibly important to focus on roleplaying. That’s how salespeople learn. And most roleplaying isn’t anything like what you think it is.

For instance, here’s an example I extracted from a Kurlan & Associates sales training webinar. This 10-minute audio recording begins as a discussion with the salesperson about her challenge and leads to a roleplay to demonstrate a better approach (2:20). Listen through to the end, because all of the lessons come fast and furious in the last two minutes!

Click Here to Listen to the Roleplay

Does that sound anything like the roleplaying that you do? What did you learn? Let me know in the comments.

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