When Closing, How You React Determines How They Will Respond

Dave Kurlan
Dave Kurlan




Rick is a really good salesperson -- until he becomes emotional.

Rick is awesome because he quickly develops relationships, asks great questions, and has terrific conversations. His clients love him. He uncovers compelling reasons to buy, differentiates himself quite well, and thoroughly qualifies all of his prospects. You might ask, how can someone that consistent and effective run into any problems?

That is a good question. Everything goes great for Rick until closing time, and as long as he gets a “yes” or a “no,” everything remains fine. But if his prospect -- usually a CEO -- needs to think it over, alarms begin ringing in Rick’s ears. His inner voice starts yelling, his heart rate quickens, his breathing tightens, and his neck turns red. None of these responses makes his situation any easier!

The trigger for this is Rick’s initial reaction to the words “think it over.” That’s when his inner voice screams, “He’ll never buy if you don’t close him now! Close him, Rick, close him!” This self-limiting sales belief initiates the weakness of becoming emotional.

When Rick came to me in this state, the first word out of my mouth was, “Breathe.” Relax. So what if the prospect said he needs to think it over? Who cares?

When you feel your emotions taking over and influencing your behavior when you’re in front of a prospect, realize there’s a way you can wrest control back. Make your inner voice shut up by not giving it anything to react to. If you don’t react or panic, you can control your emotions, stay in the moment, and respond appropriately. Then -- and only then -- can you simply and calmly say to your prospect, “Tell me about that.”

It’s okay to become emotional in between calls and meetings, but during an engagement with a buyer, your emotions will interfere with your ability to listen, ask questions, and remain in control. Get unruly feelings under control by taking this advice from the TV Mini-Series Band of Brothers.

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