A 5-Step System For Writing Attention-Grabbing Emails Prospects Can’t Ignore

David Ly Khim
David Ly Khim



What’s worse than an email that doesn’t get opened? An email that gets opened but doesn’t say anything important.


When we send an email, we want the recipient to act on it, not delete it.

This is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Brian Balfour, founder and CEO of Reforge and former VP of growth at HubSpot, receives hundreds of cold networking emails every day but only responds to a fifth of them.

So how do we get our messages into that top 20% of emails that get read and responded to?

The presentation reveals Brian’s five-step system. Use this to write emails that grab the attention of even the busiest of people with the fullest inboxes.

"Email is still the predominant channel to build new relationships." 

“Want to get someone’s attention? Stroke their ego.”

“Always provide value before asking for anything.” 

“Sending an email? Remember: Size matters.”

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