9 GIFs That Sum Up Customer Service Call Centers

Rebecca Riserbato
Rebecca Riserbato



I bet if you work in a call center, you're used to grabbing coffee for a quick energy jolt and eating vending machine snacks during your break.


It's not glamorous, but you do what you have to because customer service is one of the most important departments at your company. In fact, research indicates that customer service jobs will increase by 36% from 2016 to 2026.

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But, working in a call center isn't always easy. Tense customer friction, mind-numbing support cases, and nonstop customer demand are all part of the job, but these challenges can wear your reps down over time. While every job has its frustrations, sometimes it's helpful to use humor to make lemonade out of lemons.

Below we've gathered nine GIFs that perfectly explain what it's like to work in a customer service call center. Share these with your team the next time you need a good laugh to make a point.

Best Customer Service GIFs

1. Using Canned Responses

Customer service GIF of a rep responding to a customer.Source: Giphy

Empathy is one of the most important qualities of a customer service agent. That's why “I understand your frustration" is probably the most common phrase uttered in customer service call centers. You might catch yourself saying this in your sleep because you say it so often. This GIF represents all those times you had to empathize with the customer — i.e. every second of the day.

2. Receiving Redundant Phone Calls

Call center GIF of a frustrated man.

Source: Giphy

As a customer service agent, you get to talk to a lot of interesting people. However, the conversations might be a bit redundant. This GIF shows how you might feel after having the same conversation over and over.

3. Going Above-and-Beyond for Customers

Call center rep helping a customer.Source: Giphy

Customers expect a lot from you -- as they should. And, you might find yourself feeling like you're hand-holding the customer to the solution. Have you ever thought, “Do they just want me to come over and do it for them?” The answer is — yes. It's always yes.

4. Getting Distracted by Friends (or cat GIFs)

Cats working in a customer service call center.Source: Giphy

Working at a customer service call center might mean working in cubicles within close quarters of your colleagues. This can be really fun, but also distracting. While those might be some of your favorite parts of the day, it's important to keep a healthy balance between work and play. So work hard, make friends, and look up cat GIFs when you need a pick-me-up.

5. Dealing With Frustrated Customers

Customer service rep talking to an unhappy customer.

Source: Giphy

Unfortunately, frustrated customers are a part of the job. Sometimes you pick up the phone and you can already tell the customer is unhappy. Although it can be a little surprising, that's okay. You just have to turn up your empathy and problem-solving skills to ensure they leave the conversation happier than they came into it.

6. Faking It Until You Make It

Call center GIF with Peter Griffin from Family Guy.Source: Giphy

As with most jobs, sometimes in a call center you just have to fake it until you make it. Use your scripts, listen to other agent's phone calls, and take notes. Eventually, you'll be just as comfortable as a tenured support agent.

7. Collaborating With Your Peers

Call center reps discussing advice to give to customers.Source: Giphy

As a customer service rep, you're probably working in close proximity with your peers. Use that to your advantage and learn from their experiences. You can even ask one of your colleagues if you can listen in on a call to see how they handle a situation. Sometimes you might find out what doesn't work before you find out what does.

8. Keeping Your Cool

Star Trek character keeping his cool like a customer service rep.Source: Giphy

Customer service agents are put to the ultimate test -- Keep your cool, even when the customer's world is falling apart. We promise it isn't. Stay calm and make your customers feel confident that you can help them.

9. Solving a Difficult Case

Napoleon Dynamite character Kip celebrating like a call center rep after a good call.Source: Giphy

You know that feeling you get when you solve a difficult case? So does Kip. Although it's not always easy, solving a seemingly impossible problem is a good feeling. Plus, these are the moments that keep your customers coming back.

Working in a customer call center may not always be easy. However, delighting your customers when they need it most is one of the best ways for your company to grow.

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