10 GIFs That Sum Up Customer Service Call Centers

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Alana Chinn
Alana Chinn


For many businesses, call centers are the backbone of customer service. And if you work in a call center, you know it isn't always easy.

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While every job has its frustrations, sometimes it's helpful to use humor to make lemonade out of lemons.

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Best Customer Service GIFs

Below, we've gathered nine GIFs that perfectly explain what it's like to work in a customer service call center.

Share these with your team the next time you need a good laugh.

1. Using Canned Responses

giphy (1)-Apr-21-2023-02-54-27-2209-PMSource

You might catch yourself saying certain phrases in your sleep because you say them so often. This GIF represents every time you told a customer "I can help you with that" — i.e., always.

2. Dealing With Frustrated Customers

dealing with frustrated customersSource

Unfortunately, frustrated customers are a part of the job. This GIF is for all the times you turned up your empathy and problem-solving skills to ensure they leave the conversation happier than they came into it.

3. Receiving Redundant Phone Calls

receiving redundant phone calls


As a customer service agent, you get to talk to a lot of people about a lot of the same things. This GIF shows how you might feel after having the same conversation over and over.

4. Going Above-and-Beyond for Customers

giphy (3)-3Source

Customers expect a lot from you. Keep this GIF in your back pocket whenever you think to yourself, "Do they just want me to come over and do it for them?" The answer is — yes. It's always yes.

5. Taking Much-Needed Breaks

taking much needed breaks


Call centers are fast-paced, and customer calls are nonstop. It's important to put the phone down every once in a while to recharge. Consider this GIF your reminder to take a break.

6. Faking It Until You Make It

faking it until you make it


Like most jobs, sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. Use your scripts, listen to other agent's phone calls, and take notes. Eventually, you won't feel like the cat in this GIF.

7. Solving a Difficult Case

solving a difficult case


You know that feeling you get when you solve a difficult case? While it's not always easy, this GIF represents that good feeling you get after solving a seemingly impossible problem.

8. Keeping Your Cool

keeping your cool


Customer service agents are put to the ultimate test — keeping your cool, even when the customer's world is falling apart. Although this GIF implies otherwise, we promise it isn't.

9. Collaborating With Your Peers

collaborating with your peers


As a customer service rep, you've probably worked in close proximity with your colleagues and learned a lot of valuable tips from them, too. This GIF celebrates all of the relationships you've built along the way.

10. Being There For Your Customers


Despite the hard work, you're always there when your customers need you the most. This GIF is a cheers to you and everything you to do delight your customers.

I hope you enjoyed this line up of call center GIFs during your well-deserved break.

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