If artificial intelligence, or AI, feels like a far-off thing of the future, you might be mistaken: In our research, we found that 63% of people don't realize they're already using AI technologies.

One of the more common AIs that a lot of people have started using -- both as customers themselves, or as customer-facing professionals -- are chatbots: simple AIs with branching logic that can be customized to respond to queries from website visitors to better direct them to a company's sales, marketing, or customer service team.

There are a variety of ways chatbot can improve user experience, whether a person is a prospect or a loyal customer. In the infographic below, Market Inspector details the many ways chatbots can improve the web experience for your customers by answering simple questions and routing issues -- while simultaneously saving you and your team time and resources to work on higher-priority projects. Then, you can read more about how your customers want to use chatbots in this blog post.


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Originally published Apr 2, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated June 15 2021


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